Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Yulluna People - Federal Court of Australia

The Federal Court of Australia has published the following case
"Sullivan on behalf of the Yulluna People #4 v State of Queensland [2017] FCA 122"  here.

The native title holders are the Yulluna People. The Yulluna People:
(a) are the biological descendants (if any) of:
    Mick Moonlight;
    Willie Sullivan;
    Rosie O’Sullivan;
    Kitty Casey;
(b) identify themselves as members of the Yulluna People; and
(c) are recognised by others who are Yulluna People as being Yulluna People.

Friday, 10 February 2017

Native Title Authorisation Meeting

Native Title Authorisation Meeting

The claim area is described as
"The area is located north of the NSW/Queensland border, extending in the east to Lalaguli and in the north to Nindigully on the Moonie River. The area then extends west to meet Yuwaalaraay country between the Moonie and the Narran Rivers to the Bririe, a tributary of The Big Warrambool River, and includes the towns of Thallon, Dareel and Talwood."

The apical ancestors are described as

Beeswing and his daughter Lucy Long
Kitty, mother of Charles, Jack and Alice Dennison
Kitty (Dunn)
Mary Ann mother of William Arnold
Mary Ann and Murray parents of George and Ada Murray
Reuben Bartman
George Bennett and Mary Moodie
Charles Cubby and Lucy Ann
Harry Denham
Maude Dixon/Hill
Billy Edwards
Jonathan Flick and Mary Ann
Charlie Hippi
Eliza Kirk
Walter/William Marley
James McGowan father of Aggie, Annie and Kate McGowan
Mary McGrady
Phoebe Munday
William Hilbert Saunders
Lennie Jane Smith/Rodwell
William Trapman (Troughtman)
Whalen Johnny
William (Billy) Wightman
Sarah Witon aka Witson/Wilson/Murphy
Eliza Weatherall

Appeared in the Koori Mail of February 8, 2017

Native Title Authorisation Meeting

Native Title Authorisation Meeting

The claim area roughly covers Brisbane City and suburbs generally encloses an adjoining area defined by Ipswich, Coominya, Hampton, Toowoomba, north of Warwick, Boonah and Beaudesert. The proposed application has two options.

The apical ancestors are defined as

Janie/Janey Billie/Billy (mother of Harry Thompson and Daisy Moreton (nee Thompson))
Billy Turner (father of Amy Turner)
Jackey Harvey (father of Emily Harvey the social mother of Robert Anderson snr)
Thomas Duggandan/Anderson (social father of Robert Anderson snr)
Topsy of Ipswich (mother of Jimmy Edwards jnr)
Ted Myer/Meyers/Myers (father of Elsie Richards)
Molly Myers (nee Crow) (mother of Elsie Richards)

Appeared on the Koori Mail of February 8, 2017

Some items of interest

Charlie Moreton F/B, born 1871 Stradbroke Island, parents Charlie Moreton and Sarah Moreton (Sandy) married Daisy Thompson

Jackey Arvey (?Harvey) F/B, aged about 75 years, died 26.12.1901 from consumption. Belonged to the Yackara tribe.

An Emily Harvey (Wanjin) aged 38 years native of Laidley was at Deebing Creek circa 1902

Elsie Richards, born Ipswich, died 28. 9.1961 Palm Island, parents Ted Byer (Myer) and Molly Crow, married to Arthur Richards       

Friday, 16 December 2016

South Australian Indigenous Research Site

The site ( here ) contains a vast amount of reference material for South Australian Indigenous research. The site states

"Indigenous Studies in Australia  has relied largely on second- and third-hand sources, on hearsay, opinion and oral history rather than on evidence.  This site provides a store of primary data - mainly from South Australia but with records from all states going back to the 1830s. "

It is well worth a detailed look.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Wangkangurru / Yarluyandi Native Title Meeting

The claim area us at the junction of the Queensland, South Australian and Northern Territory boundaries.

The Wangkangurru / Yarluyandi people are descendants of the following ancestors

The parents of two brothers, Ililji-Danggana and Ililjili-Birbana
The parents of the sibling pair Nguarmariu (male) and Pungatjuntu (fenale
Sisters Maggie and Bugagaguna
The parents of a woman whose two sons (the name of the first son is unknown,the name of the second son is Yungili) married two sisters Maggie and Bugagaguna (as above) respectively (ie unnamed son married Maggie and Yungili married Bugagaguna)
Judy Dandribilina Trew (who married a man known as "Lagoon Charlie" Guranda and later a man called Charlie Trew

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated November 30, 2016


The publication Oodnadatta Genealogies by Jen Gibson has descendants of Yungili and  Bugagaguna listed in Chart 10. This is attached in two parts ( 1 ) and ( 2 ).

Friday, 18 November 2016

ILU Meeting Kalkadoon and Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People

ILU Meeting Kalkadoon and Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People

The Kalkadoon People are the Biological descendants of the following people:

1.  Lardie Roberts (aka Lardie Moonlight)
2.  Dolly Prosser
3.  Kitty Frogg
4.  Annie Whip (mother of Martin Connelly (Snr))
5.  Ida (aka Ada) Elston
6.  Leichardt Toby
7.  Rosie Waddibungera (mother of George Thorpe)
8.  Willy Malcolm
9.  Nancy Daniels
10. Fanny (Nellie) McLennan
11. Nellie and Jimmy (parents of Topsy, Harry, Annie Sam and Jack Kippen)
12. Maggie Sautelle
13. Daisy Barton (nee McLean)
14. Mundi MacDonald (aka King Mundie)
15. Charlie Caldwell (Snr)
16. Carbine
17. Jimmy Rolleston and Louisa Muni (parents of Bessie Mowbray)
18. Gypsy Reid (aka Gypsy Ryan)
19. Nellie Monkira
20. Polly Wilson (nee Hopkins) Marajundu
21. Jack Elston
22. Jessie Frogg (Snr)
23. Polly Alroy (aka Polly George)
24. Nobie Clay
25. Spider
26. Maryann (mother of Annie Reid and Eva Patterson)
27. Sophie MacDonald
28. Julie (mother of Eulie and Lizzie Hickson) and
29. Bessie Ah Fat

The Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People are the descendants of the following people, including those who have been adopted by those people or their descendants in accordance with traditional law and custom:

(1) Charlie Toby and Jinnie
(2) Jack Wilde
(3) Nellie Lynch
(4) George (Snr) Catchinda
(6) Derby Daylight or
(6) Pipalkarinya

Appeared in the Courier Mail of November 19, 2016

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Some South Australian Aboriginal Genealogies

The following publications contain numerous detailed Aboriginal genealogies up to the 1980s.

Oodnadatta Genealogies by Jen Gibson 1988

Rigney Family Point McLeay by Doreen Kartinyeri 1983
The Wanganeen Family Genealogy by Doreen Kartinyeri 1985
The Kartinyeri Family Genealogy by Doreen Kartinyeri 1989

Adnyamathanha Genealogy by Christine Davis & Pearl McKenzie 1985