Monday, 2 July 2012

Aurukun Genealogical Data

Another useful site located at the University of California Irvine, School of Social Sciences , Eclectic Anthropology Server is the following

The data here refers to Aurukun in Queensland and can be used to build genealogical relationships. The raw data can be easily converted into meaningful information using a spreadsheet or database program.

The original data looks like this

    IDSe    Sp    Fa    Mo          DOB RnaName
     6F     34     2     1   04/08/1929  6Peinkinna, May

which can be reconstructed as

Identification Number (ID) 6
Name                       Peinkinna, May               
Sex                        Female
Date of Birth              04/08/1929
Father                     Pootchemunka, Samuel           (ID 2)
Mother                     Pootchemunka, Minoota          (ID 1)
Spouse                     Peinkinna, Donald              (ID 34)

Other genealogical information for Australia is available on this site.

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