Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Barada Kabalbara Yetimarala Native Title

The following information appeared in a Barada Kabalbara Yetimarala Native Title notice in the Courier Mail of March 23-24, 2013.

The Apical Ancestors for this claim are listed as follows :-

1. Lizzy / Kitty / Unnamed Barada woman (mother of Saltbush George Budby, Rosie Barber, Eddie Budby and Albert Brown).

2. Ada / Ina Cotherstone, Daisy Wilson and Alick Smith Snr (and his wife Topsy Barron / Barren).

3. Polly (wife of Robert Noble) and Laura (wife of Duke / George Barker, Teddy Sauney and Adam Bowen.

4. Lizzie (wife of Paddy Flynn).

5. Polly (late in life wife of Thomas Mitchell)

6. Arthur Miles.

7. Kitty (aka Kitty Eaglehawk).

8. Yatton Boney.

9. Maggie (mother of Jack Mack and Gypsy Tyson).

10. Topsy Barron / Barren, Percy Smith and Stanley Smith.

The claim area is roughly bounded by Nebo, Marlborough, Dingo, Emerald and Dysart in Central Queensland. I will add more details later.

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