Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Wiri Core Country Native Title Claim Meeting

Apical ancestors (QUD372/2006) are listed as

Albert Butterworth
Jinny Clark
Nellie Emmerson
Mary Johnson
Jerry and Janie, parents of Booyah McDonald
Flora Reed
Roger of Nebo
Sarah Sauney
Sophie Skeen
Donald Tears
Dick of Nebo, father of Sam Murray and Jessie
Billy and Molly, parents of Jessie Cotherstone and Billy Sullivan
Harry, father of Flora Doyle and Lilly
King and Meg King
Ida Hess
Maggie Barker

The meeting is to authorise an amendment to the claim to

(1) remove the following apical ancestors namely
    Donald Tears
    Mary Johnson
    Jerry and Janie, parents of Booyah McDonald
    Flora Reed
(2) replace Nellie Emmerson with siblings Tommy Emmerson / Iffley and Arthur Emmerson

(3) remove all the descendents of Donald Tears, Mary Johnson,
     Jerry and Janie  parents of Booyah McDonald, Flora Reed

(4) remove from the Applicant those persons who are deceased

An amended description of the Native Title Claim Group which, in accordance with the current anthropological research, more accurately describes but does not change the composition of the amended Native Claim Group, as follows

Biological or adopted descendents of the following

Jean White, mother of Albert Butterworth
Mr Clark ('of Suttor Station') and Jinny (of 'Stockton Station'), whose known children are
    Charlie Clark and Dick Clark
Jinny (of 'Stockton Station'), whose known child (with Mr Watson) is Charlie Watson
Siblings Tommy Emmerson / Iffley and Arthur Emmerson
Roger ('of Nebo district'), whose known child is Emily Rogers
Ned Thorney, whose known child is Sarah Mate Mate nee Thorney / Sauney
Sophie ('of Nebo'), whose known children are Jack Skeen, William Skeen and Norman Skeen
Dick ('of Nebo'), whose known child is Sam Murray
Billy ('of Nebo') and Molly (of 'Oxford Downs Station'), whose known children are
    Jessie and Billy Sullivan
Harry ('of Lake Elphinstone') whose known children are Lily Sullivan, Flora Doyle
    and Harry Monsell snr
King ('of Fort Cooper') and Meg ('of Fort Cooper'), whose known children are Johnny,  Mick,
     Mitchell Dalton, Paddy, Emma and Annie
Ida ('from Mackay'), whose known child is Rene Hess
Maggie, whose known children are Norman Brown snr, George 'Duke' Barker and Ina Darwin

Appeared in the Courier Mail of June 29 - 30, 2013

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  1. Hello my name is Colleen Hodges, and I am tracing my Great Grandmother Mary Therese Wallace nee Cooper she and her brother grew up on Fort Cooper Station, does anyone have any information her nickname was Gypsy. Could someone please contact me if they have any information about my great grandmother please on colleenhodges@live.com.au much appreciated.