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Iman People Native Title Claim

Iman People Native Title Claim

The claim group are described as the descendants of the following

Mary Arwa
Jim Waterton
Ada Robinson
Maggie Palmtree
Lizzie Palmtree
Mary Ann (mother of Maggie Dunn);
Eliza Shields
Fanny Waddy / Sandy
Dick Bundi / Bundai and Alice Dutton
Unnamed mother of John Serico

At the meeting a recommendation will be made to amend the current claim group description by replacing:
'John/James Serico' with 'the unnamed mother of John Serico' and
'Dick Bundi/Bundai' with 'Dick Bundi/Bundai and Alice Dutton'.

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated September 11, 2013

Odds and Ends

Living under the Act ' : Taroom Aboriginal Reserve 1911-1927
by Scott L'Oste-Brown and Luke Godwin 1995

Cecil Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve 22 November, 1914.
James Waterton died at Taroom Reserve 1 November, 1917.
Alice Bundi died at Taroom Reserve 9 December 1918.   
Dito Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve on 3 June, 1919.
Maggie Palmtree,died at Taroom Reserve on 9 June, 1919.
Fanny Waddy died at Taroom Reserve on 30 May, 1919.
Billy Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve on 25 September, 1922.
Old Bundi died at Taroom Reserve on 6  October, 1923.


  1. just because people die there dont mean they are from there

  2. Perfectly true. Those listed above are or are related to the apical ancestors for this claim.

  3. Hi, Does anyone have any information on a Nellie (Ellen) who married John Carmody in Taroom 1891. She was born in 1869 in Eurombah and is from the Iman Tribe. Her father's name was Dan and surname possibly Dunn/Dunne?? but I have been recently told that this surname probably just meant dark coloured rather than the actual surname.
    Thanks Sarah

    1. Yep Sarah she's my grand mothers(Kate Sybil Monica Hamilton,nee Carmody) mother.

    2. Hi,my wife's great grandmothers name was Maggie Dunn( sometimes spelt Dunne).She was born about 1866 and married Ahsee( born in China) in 1895 in Taroom.They had six children,one was my wife's grandfather,William Ahsee,who was born at Eurombah in 1897.Maggie remarried to Peter Rouse at Purga when Ahsee died and had 3 children to him,one was called Nellie, I believe. This Nellie was born after 1900, but I see the same first names recurring down the family tree. Could be some connections?Maggie is from the Iman tribe .She and her mother Mary are cited on the land title claim documents. My wife and her twin sister are doing a painting exhibition at Goombungee in September in honour of Maggie Dunn.

    3. I spent the weekend at those old places: Clare, Isla-Delusion Road/Cracow-Theodore tracing my Dreaming story that was given to me 20 years ago. Everything was exactly as I was told and the connections to old Camboon property is in my family history. The old woman buried at Clare is connected to me somehow because the hills behind Clare was the camping grounds for my great, great grandmother and her people. I work at the Woorabinda Council if anyone wants to talk. My name is Douglas Graham.

    4. I followed a Dreaming story I was given 20 years ago, on the weekend. I ended up on the corner of the Isla-Delusion Road and the Cracow-Theodore Road and everything was exactly as I was told. And across the road was Clare, the resting place of Nellie Carmody (Dunne), the old Jiman woman who wet-nursed Achibald Graham and had 16 children to John Carmody. Clare was part of the original Camboon property taken up by Bell and Hyde, my ancestors all walked that country and were recorded as living there. In the hills beyond Clare was the camping grounds of my great, great grandmother and her families. You see, I've always maintained that our Dreaming stories are real and after 20 years I found that place that was shown to me in my dream all those years ago, by my grandfathers father. I know who I am and which country I'm connected to and all those people who are connected to me through my Dreaming.

    5. Thanks for all your replies and sharing your stories. They have all been very helpful. My apologies for taking so long to reply.

      MrHambone73, Kate was the sister to Thomas Isla Carmody, my husbands great grandfather. Do you have any photographs of the family at all.

      brian cook, I believe Maggie Dunn was Nellie's sister. Do you know anything about their parents and if Dunn was their actual surname? I have just been given some information stating that their father Dan first name may be Billy and was known as "Cockatoo Billy". This hasn't been confirmed as it was Nellie's grandchild Sybil Carmody who thought this. Records state Dan Dunn.

      wardingarri, what a wonderful story. I didn't know any of this so it was lovely to hear. I am also planning on travelling up to Clare and surrounds in a few months which I am very excited about. I would like to see Nellie's resting place also, is it easy to find?

      You can email me directly if you wish -

  4. Hi, does anyone have information on Maggie Dunn and/ or her mother Mary as listed above .We have some but wish to share and find more.Maggie later became Maggie Rouse. Thanks

  5. References to Maggie Rouse appear on Dr Bill Day's web site at

    Maggie Rouse and 3 children were removed from Nanango to Deebing Creek in 1914.

    A Maggie Rouse married a Paul Leno in 1920 (marriage officially registered).

  6. Hi. Does anyone have any information on Maggie Palmtree? She is my 3rd great grandmother and died in Taroom 9.6.1919. I have been researching our family for years but can't find anything on Maggie or her family. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi could Maggie Palmtree be the wife of (King) Billy Palmtreee (Palm Tree) he is also being claimed as an apical for Wulli Wulli and the Wakka Wakka Dodds. I have him as being at Boondooma station also.

  7. I'm trying to piece my partners family tree together, his mother died when he was very young so a lot is unknown. We believe Eliza Shields is his GGG grandmother. Mother Phyllis Joan Hart (Riley), G/mother Nora Ellen (Nell) Williams DB 1905 Father unknown, GG/mother Annie Williams DB 1885 Taroom, GGG/mother Eliza Shields DB 1861 Taroom.
    If anyone can help confirm this is a correct for us we would appreciate it and we would love to know the name of Nora's (Nell) father. We Believe she later married George Booker but Nora & Frank were from her first marriage. Thanks