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Wangan and Jagalingou Native Title Claim Group

Wangan and Jagalingou Native Title Claim Group

Area roughly enclosed by Capella, Moranbah, Mount Coolon, Aramac, Barcaldine, Blackall, Tambo, including Alpha and Clermont, Queensland.

Apical ancestors are described as :-

Billy and Lucy (parents of Jimmy Tarpot, Mary Ann Albro, Mary Ellen)
Daisy Collins
Nellie Digaby
Dan Dunrobin (aka Dunrobin, Christopher Dunrobin and Dan Robin)
Frank Fisher Snr (of Clermont)
Annie Flourbag
Jimmy Flourbag
Katy of Clermont
Charlie McAvoy of Logan Downs
Liz McEvoy of Alpha
Maggie of Clermont (aka Maggie Miller and Nandroo)
The mother of Jack (Girrabah) Malone snr and Jim (Conee) Malone
Mary of Clermont (aka Mary Johnson)

Appeared in the Courier Mail May 30, 2015

Some notes for interest

Camped at Police Creek near Mt Coolon in 1934 were
Donald Wallace, Mary Ann Campbell, Jean, Tommy Albro, Mary Ann Albro, Bob Tarpot, Oliver, Janet Twist

Mary Ann Albro died on 20. 8.1939 at Fantome Island aged 60 years

The Blood Groups of Full-blood Australian Aborigines by G. Phillips
Medical Journal of Australia, September 8, 1928, pp 296 - 300
This study was carried out on Aborigines living at Barambah in 1927 or 1928
One of those studied was Annie Flourbag, aged 50 years and born at Alpha

Jimmy Flourbag was aged 65 years when at Barambah in 1928
Annie Flourbag died on 22. 7.1937 at Cherbourg

Charley McAvoy, aged 50 years, his wife Polly McAvoy, aged 45 years and daughter Maudie McAvoy H/C, aged 9 years, all from Clermont, arrived at Barambah in 1917

Pollie Gray was removed from Clermont to Barambah in 1914

Dan Dunrobin died 23.10.1938 at Cherbourg aged 50 years
Lizzie Dunrobin and children Dan and Bob were removed from Clermont to Barambah in 1924

Daisy Collins, born about 1897 at Clermont, parents Frank Collins and Judy, married Arthur Murdock (Returned Serviceman), in 1919 at Barambah

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