Thursday, 5 November 2015

Proposed Native Title Claim Group North Queensland

The new proposed Native Title Claim Group has the following apical ancestors

1.  Norman Rainmaker and his children, including Joe Rose and Kweteyenke
2.  Belia Toby
3.  Charlie Deemera
4.  Puppa and her daughter Annie Topsy Hansen
5.  Larrikin, also known as Dolly
6.  Dolly of Glenormiston and her children, including Lion and Tiger
7.  Molly and her children, including Judy Sailor and Arthur Daley Jnr
8.  Polly Docherty
9.  Dolly, sister to Polly Docherty
10. Maudie, mother of George Quartpot and Paddy Beecham
11. Mother of Turkilanima
12. Topsy, sister to mother of Turkilanima and Bunny
13. Bunny
14. Lizzie Wiriwaltu Green
15. Kitty Bedourie
16. Alice Wiyekari

The proposed claim area is as follows

Meeting is to authorise a native title determination over lands and waters in North West Queensland encompassing parts of the North Eastern Simpson Desert; the Mulligan River and its surrounds; pastoral stations including (but not limited to) Glenormiston Station and Sandringham Station; and the town of Bedourie. The description is indicative only.

Appeared in the Koori Mail of November 4, 2015

Some notes of interest are as follows

Donald Bedourie of Boulia, born around 1896 at Boulia, parents Lion and Bunney, wife Kitty Bedourie.
Kitty died at Glengyle Stn, Bedourie on 29. 5.1927

Jacky Beauchamp of Boulia, born around 1884 Tokio Ranges, Northern Territory, parents Jimmy and Kitty, married to Maudie Beauchamp, children George Quartpot and Paddy Beauchamp 

Judy Sailor, born around 1905 at Boulia, parents Arthur Daly and Molly Daly

Police Department, Winton 8.12.1963 - Re Dolly Lion D-184, Boulia. To Hospital.
Attached correspondence dated 24.12.1963 states Maxie Marion M-848 of Boulia is taking Lardie and Michael Moonlight  to visit their Daughter Dolly Lion  at Winton Hospital. Correspondence dated 24.12.1963 states Lardie Moonlight L-184  and Michael Moonlight M-123  are parents of Dolly Lion D-184 (PB - 99).

Belia Toby of Urandangie, born around 1879 at Glenormiston near Boulia, mother Mary Ann, wife Ida Toby
Joe Rose born around 1884 at Boulia
1928 Boulia. List of destitute Aborigines at Glenormiston includes Larrikin and children Billy (9), Leslie (5), Biddy (4)

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