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Cape Bedford Mission Thesis

An interesting Thesis on the Cape Bedford Mission:

Close, K. L. (2009). Invisible labourers: Cape Bedford (Hopevale) Mission and the 'paradox' of Aboriginal labour in the Second World War. Masters Coursework thesis, Arts - School of Historical Studies, The University of Melbourne. Available here.

The first paragraph of the Abstract states
"This thesis examines the role of labour in the history of the Cape Bedford Aboriginal
community, from its establishment in 1886 to 1950. It focuses on period around the
Second World War when the community was evacuated south to the government reserve
at Woorabinda. This community’s history offers a lens through which to view the
application of Queensland’s protectionist and wartime legislations. The Cape Bedford
community’s absorption into the Manpower Directorate during the Second World War,
after they were removed to Woorabinda, was among the most extreme examples of
government control over Indigenous labour. This study is the first work to clearly outline
the extent of collaboration between the Queensland state government and Aboriginal
settlements with the Manpower Directorate."

The Table of Contents follows
Introduction 7-23.
Chapter One: Land and Labour at Cape Bedford Mission: 1886 until the Second World War 24-45.
Chapter Two: The Mission’s Evacuation to Woorabinda 46-63.
Chapter Three: From War’s End until the Return to Cape Bedford in 1950 64-78.
Conclusion 79-82.
Bibliography 83-95.

See here under Queensland / Settlements and Missions for names of people and involved and some further details.

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