Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Butchulla People Native Title Authorisation Meeting

The Butchulla People are described as the biological descendants of the following people:

Father/Mother of Gracie and Maudie Daramboi
Mother of Jessie Aldridge’s mother and Lappy
Mother of Charles Richards
Garry Owens
Annie Morris/Anna Gala nee Morris
Granny Polcus/Jenny Brown
Willy Brown/Mamboo/Namboo
George Gundy
Willy Wondunna
Jack Morris
Mary Ann (mother of Susan Rooney)
Roger Bennett
Percy Coulson
Mother of John and Rosie Broome
Mother of Clara, Henry, Percy and Lucy Wheeler.

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated September 25, 2019

Some notes of interest

Freddy Beckett , 22, yrs, born Kilkivan, parents George Beckett and Minnie Morse and Ada Pickles, 22 yrs, born Maryborough , parents Namboo and Polcus, were married at Barambah in 1912

Queensland Naturalist 19(1-3) 1968                                          
Colliver F.S. & Hawken, M. Notes on the Fraser Island Aborigines.       
Fraser Is people removed to Yarrabah 1904. Some descendants live     
at Urangan 1968. Well-known identity Billy Wundunna died of extreme old        
age 1947, was sent to Victoria to help track the Kelly gang.

A Jack Morris had a daughter Nora Morris who was married at Pialba in 1923

Roger Bennett, born about 1887 at Maryborough and parents Tharculbry and Rosie
A Roger Bennett lived at Pialba in 1938

1900, Jun 18 Fraser Island -  Canon Eva, Mr Aldridge and Mr Noakes appointed a sub-committee to advise on the desirability of changing the site of the Mission (Aldridge probably husband of Lappy from Fraser Island)  
Mura Catalogue - Fraser Is. Aboriginal, married Harry Aldridge, son of one of the first non-Aboriginal resident of Maryborough; lived Maryborough c 1987
Willie Owens H/C, born c1917 Urangan, parents Gary and Jinny Owens

Lottie Gala, born c1902, parents Jack Gala and Annie Morris married Joseph Solomon in 1923 at Barambah.

Louisa Coulson, born c1914 Cairns, parents Percy Coulson and Nellie Roberts

Amethyst Aidy Coulson, born 18. 6.1911 Yarrabah, baptised 9. 7.1911, parents Percy Coulson H/C from Fraser Island and Midge Coulson H/C from Fraser Island


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