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Ngemba, Ngiyampaa, Wangaaypuwan and Wayilwan Native Title Claim Group

Ngemba, Ngiyampaa, Wangaaypuwan and Wayilwan Native Title Claim Group

Application area bounded by the towns of Brewarrina, Bourke, Coonamble, Gulargambone, Warren, Nyngan, Hillston, Mossgiel and Ivanhoe and the Bogan, Castlereagh, Barwon, Darling and Lachlan Rivers in New South Wales.

Descendents of

Caroline Hilt (born on the Barwon River c1847)
Thomas Sullivan (born in Brewarrina c1860)
Nellie Colless (in Brewarrina c1868)
Billy Coleman (born in Cobar c1840)
Mary Ann Allen (born in 1844)
Moses Biggs (born in 1837)
Polly Parkes (born in 1846)
Anne Brandy (born in Colane 1874)
Caroline Brandy (born on Duck Creek 1869)
Wadna Boe (born in 1848)
Richard King (born in 1827)
Jimmy Keewong (born in 1849)
Kitty Narrangie
Tom Dennis (born in Brewarrina 1864)
Winnie Pierce (born in Brewarrina 1878)
Jack Dennis (born on the Barwoon River c1855)
Kate Baker (born in Boorooma 1874)
Francis "Tracker" Williams (born in Gundabooka 1883)
William Johnson (born in Big Willandra 1876)
Henry Parkes (born in 1863)
Topsy Harris aka Topsy Scotty (born in Marfield 1866)
Jack Redtank
Thomas Williams aka Thomas Broughton (born in Roto)
Maggie Redtank (born in Keewong 1868)
Ada Arnott (born in Nyngan 1865)
Moses Divine
Jack Smith (born in Mossgiel 1869)
Ellen Sprowl aka Ellen McHughes (born in Brewarrina 1867)
Fanny Hippi aka Fanny Williams
Millie Wells aka Millie Shearer (born in Brewarrina 1874)
Pluto Williams (born in Trida / Mossgiel 1873)
Steve Shaw (born in Coronga Peak 1855)
Fanny Brown aka Tiltagara Fanny (born in Hillston 1862)
David Brown (born on the Macquarie River 1850)
Janey Brown (born on the Macquarie River 1853)
Betsy Gwen (born in Haddon Rigg near Warren 1849)
Louise Hinton (born on the Macquarie River 1843)
Cissy Lee (born in 1852)
Boorooma Murphy (born in Boorooma 1832)
Harry Murphy (born in Brewarrina c1871)
Thomas Nixon (born in Buttabone 1843)
Colaine Lumpy (born in 1864)
Charlotte Wilson
Tilly Riley (born in 1863)
Geordie Murray (born in Ivanhoe 1851)

This appeared in the Koori Mail of April 24, 2013


  1. I am a descendent of Francis "Tracker" Williams (born in Gundabooka 1883) so what does this all mean?

    1. It means if Native title does exists in that area, you will be a Traditional owner of the Mt Gunderbooka and surounding Ngemba country.

    2. Anne Brandy was my Great Great grandmother on my fathers side. She was a strong Weilwan woman who was born, worked and died on Colane Staition in the Nyngan/Warren area.

    3. PS For the Ngemba, Ngiyampaa, Wangaaypuwan and Wayilwan Native Title Claim Group, it is Caroline Hilt not Hill as well, she was my Great Great Grandmother

    4. And thanks Peter for that info above...there is going to be a handback of Mt Gundabooka this May and I am so excited to see it given back to the original owners. I have recently taken my Elder Albert Williams back to Bourke as he wanted to lay his eyes on Gundabooka the place he was raised by his Granny before he left this world....

  2. I am also a descendant of Caroline Hilt. She was the mother of my Granddad Alfred Ernest Whye. He served in the Boer War and then settled in NZ. I didn't know about his Aboriginal background until I was an adult. Congratulations on the Native Title Claim. Debbie, I think a relative of your visited my Dad in NZ sometime in the 1970s

    1. Hi Cuz :) I don't have much information onGrannie Caroline, do you?

    2. Let me know if your are on facebook Kathy and I can share some family history with you

    3. Hey Kathy your Granddad uncle Alfred was my Great Grandmothers brother, her name is Greta Coleman from Brewarrina.

    4. Kathy and Debbie My great uncle Roy Biles married a Ruby Stanford whose mother was a Frances Whye and hoping that you maybe be able to fill in a few blank spaces in the family tree

    5. Maggie Biles
      Ruby Stanford was my Aunt and Frances Whye my my Paternal Grandmother..I think We could fill in some blanks for each other..Please write back to my gmail as shown

  3. I notice Henry Coleman married Greta M. Whye at Brewarrina in 1922.

  4. From the above, and Liza Kennedy's book I am descended from Jimmy Keewong & Kitty Narrangie (from their oldest daughter Emily who is my great grandmother), making Jack Redtank my great grand uncle. I also noticed the Harris name there - My great grandfather was Dave Harris (married Emily Keewong daughter of Kitty) so unsure of any connections there - again what exactly does this native title and subsequent "custodian" mean?

    1. Hi, Emily Keewong is my great great grandmother. Her daughter, Cecila Evans is my great grandmother :)

  5. Hi

    I am related to:

    Betsy Gwen (born in Haddon Rigg near Warren 1849)

    She is my third great grandmother - looking to connect with mob

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  6. David Harris (who married Emily Keewong) was a son of convict parents Isaac Harris and Sarah Riley/Bailey Tasmania.
    David and Emily had three sons...David, John and Walter.
    David and Emily are my great-great grandparents.

  7. David Harris married Emily Keewong. David was a son of convicts Isaac Harris and Sarah Riley/Bailey of Tasmania.
    David and Emily had three sons David, John and Walter. They had daughters Mary, Margaret, Edith, Violet, Sissy and Aida.
    David and Emily were my great-great grandparents.

    1. Hi Jared! My great grandfater is Walter Welesly Harris. My grandmother is Noleen Dann (nee Harris) daughter of Walter. I was adopted at birth and have only recently made this discovery of family. Pm me via messenger or facebook if you would like to share information. Andrea Aelwen Prestidge.

  8. Hi I am decendent of Jimmy Keewong (born in 1849)
    Kitty Narrangie, daughter Emily Keewong is my great great grandmother and Dave Harris GG-grandfather. their daughter, Cecila Evans who married Jim Evens is my great grandmother and great grandfather, their daughter Hazel Staker is my nan.

  9. Yaama my name is Nigel Millgate, my Great Great Great Grandmother is Fanny Hippi can anyone help me out with information on her. I know my families history as far back as her daughter Maude Gordon new Williams. Please contact me at

  10. I am also a descendent of Jimmy Keewong and Kitty Nerang via their daughter Emily and her marriage to David Harris. My g grandmother was their daughter Ada Harris.

    1. Hi I would like to know more as I think I am related in some way threw my grandmother

  11. If anyone has any info, looking for details about my great grandmother Sarah wilson (later hansen) born Stone Mountain near Warren 1860, or her daughter Mary Jane hansen born Barwon River Brewarrina 1902. Cheers Matt Brown

    1. Hi Matt, Sarah Wilson is also my great great grandmother. I don’t know much about the family but I am hungry for information and learning about the family tree and our mob.

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  14. My Great Great Grandmother Jane Eldridge nee Rutledge was a Wongaibon Women from around the Giralambone area

    1. Any info on Polly unknown her son Frederick biggs nancy parkes children thanks cheers trying to find my cousin's tommy Lyons past history

  15. Anyone familiar with the name Sophia H Capewell, Maiden Name Robinson?

  16. Anyone know much about Topsy Harris aka Topsy Scotty born in Marfield 1866? My great great grandfather was William Ben Harris born on the Bogan River somewhere Tomingley and Peak Hill. Topsy Harris must be a different Harris line to Dave Harris who was married in around 1900. So just trying to find a link. Thanks.

  17. My great grand father Christy Warraweena spoke Ngiyaampaa but I can’t seem to find anymore information does anyone else have information on Warraweena family and where they maybe from Brewarrina originally?. If so please email me on

  18. Christy Warraweena’s mother and fathers were named Jimmy/James Warraweena and Maggie Murphy from Brewarrina

    1. Some Warraweena references

      Brewarrina Shire Council Burial Records

      Warraweena, Jimmy, age 68, died 10 October 1921, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Madge, age 9/12, died 13 February 1936, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Derek John, age 24, died 13 July 1981, Cemetery Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Sarah, age 20, died 14 April 1912, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Percy, age 55, died 18 April 1982, Cemetery Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Christopher, age 73, died 18 June 1965, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Norman, age 5/12, died 2 August 1931, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Lucy, age Infant, died 2 December 1899, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Maggie, age 45, died 23 March 1907, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Stanley, age 1, died 27 May 1943, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Judy, age 57, died 30 June 1919, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Harry Rawson, age 5/12, died 4 August 1907, Cemetery Mission Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Amy, age Infant, died 4 February 1896, Cemetery Brewarrina
      Warraweena, Carrie, age 52, died 6 October 1953, Cemetery Brewarrina

      NSW Births, Deaths and Marriages

      James Warraweena married Maggie Murphy reg. Brewarrina 2451/1893
      James Warraweena married Sarah Baker reg. Brewarrina 7981/1910
      Christopher Warraweena married Evelyne Keegan reg. Brewarrina 12234/1918
      Christie Warraweena married Carrie Coombes reg. Brewarrina 1132/1926
      Percy Warraweena married Thora Emily Powell reg. Brewarrina 21092/1960

      Christopher Warraweena, par. James and Maggie, birth reg. Brewarrina 1793/1897
      May Warraweena, par. James and Maggie, reg. Brewarrina 29956/1900
      Amy Warraweena, par. James and Unknown, death reg. Brewarrina 1210/1896
      Lucy Warraweena, par. James and Maggie, death reg. Brewarrina 12370/1899
      Sarah Warraweena, par. Charlie and Kate, death reg. Brewarrina 4978/1912
      Judy Warraweena, par. Jack and Nellie, death reg. Brewarrina 18471/1919
      Jimmy Warraweena, par. Jimmy (Aboriginal) and Unknown, death reg. Brewarrina 19494/1921
      Eva Warraweena, par. Tommy and Norah, death reg. Narrabri 7902/1924
      Phyllis M Warraweena, par. Christie and Eva, death reg. Narrabri 7903/1924
      Christy Warraweena, par. Christy and Carie, death reg. Walgett 8863/1930
      Norman Warraweena, par. Christy and Carry, death reg. Brewarrina 15434/1931
      Madge Warraweena, par. Christopher and Carrie, death reg. Brewarrina 5441/1936
      Stanley Warraweena, par. Unknown and Charlotte, death reg. Brewarrina 8037/1943
      Carrie Warraweena, par. Jack and Tottie, death reg. Brewarrina 28777/1953
      Thora Emily Warraweena, par. Charles and Blanche Mary, death reg. Peak Hill 11935/1963
      Christopher Warraweena, par. James and Unknown, death reg. Brewarrina 25938/1965
      Derek John Warraweena, par. Eric and May Ellen, death reg. 16760/1981
      Percy Warraweena, par. Christy and Carrie, death reg. 11110/1982
      Roy Warraweena, par. Christphor and Corrie, death reg. 3971/1987
      Ellen May Warraweena, par. Christopher and Kerry, death reg. Brewarrina 10276/1988

      Queensland Police Department, Commissioners Office Miscellaneous
      Correspondence and Reports

      27. 3.1923 Report about Aboriginal apprentices Gladys Murray and Daisy Warraweena
      (the latter now said to be in the Salvation Army Home, Brisbane)

      5 December 2018 at 15:32

  19. Brewarrina Shire
    Community-based Aboriginal Heritage Study
    Haglund 2012

    Section 4.2 The Barranbinya Barranbinya lands have been heavily modified by settler activities. The Barranbinya people are largely gone by now but they were located in the western part of the Shire and extended westwards towards Bourke. R.H. Mathews, writing in 1902/3, stated that their territory extended from above Brewarrina down to about Bourke, comprising the lower portions of the Bokhara, Bogan and Culgoa Rivers for some distance above their respective junctions with the Darling. Their lands have been seen as an unusually small territory. They were probably a river people depending on the abundant supply of fish and invertebrates from the Barwon for survival, and supplementing this through gathering plants and hunting. Their land adjoins the fish traps. There is no record of their involvement in the construction but they may have taken part in this and shared duties of maintenance and access to their use. Maybe they had no need for a larger territory.

    The Warraweena family is thought to represent their last descendants. As described in Chapter 2, their land was rich in resources and therefore a natural target for settler activities. It adjoined the Darling/Barwon stretch of river with its fish traps and reliable water supply. The Barranbinya seem to have been closely associated with the river. As noted, their territory was small. This fact and introduced diseases to which they had no resistance, and settler activities such as pushing them out of good grazing land with water access and causing tragedies such as the infamous Hospital Creek Massacre, probably hastened their disappearance.

  20. Can I ask where you found this or where I can find it?.

  21. Brewarrina Shire
    Community-based Aboriginal Heritage Study
    Haglund 2012

    This is available here

  22. Paul Mackett would we be part of this native title claim?.

    1. Sorry I don't know the details of the claim. Perhaps you could contact the National Native Title Tribunal at . They may be able to help.

  23. An unknown person sent a reply saying that Ruby Standford was an Aunt and Frances Whye their grandmother but I cannot see the actual post to get a copy of their email address. So if that person contacts me on hopefully we will catch up soon