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Wongkumara Native Title Claim Group

Wongkumara Native Title Claim Group

The claim area is in South west Queensland and North west New South Wales

Ancestors are listed as
Martin Ebsworth
Ruby Ebsworth
Rita McKellar
Una Hartnett
Laura Dixon
Madeline Hines

The Wongkumara native title claim group is currently described as the biological children of the following deceased persons
Albert Ebsworth and Rose Ebsworth
Martin Ebsworth
Alfred Edward Ebsworth
Michael Dixon
Roy Dixon
Edna Joyce Leonard
Anthony Dixon
Warwick Fernando
Beverley Fernando
Laura Dixon
Paul Dixon
Claude Dixon
Albert Ebsworth
Hector Bates
Rita McKellar
Clifford Hartnett
Cyril Hartnett
Shirley Edwards
Darcy Edwards
John Hartnett
Bernard Edwards
Ruby Johnson
Rhonda Williams
Kerrin Johnson
Roy Johnson
Gladys Edwards
Gladys Johnson
Ron Johnson
Elene Shepherd
Edith Edwards
Iris Edwards
Roger Edwards
Arnold (“Picaninie") Ebsworth
Martin Ebsworth
Cecil ("Nocka") Ebsworth
Alma Ebsworth
Jean McKellar
Gerald McKellar
Thomas McKellar
Janice Dennis
Arthur Ebsworth
Madeline Hines
Eileen Hines
Jeannie Hines
Rita ("Georgina”) Hines
Malcom ("Pierce") Hines
Ray Hines
Lucy Harding

Appeared in the Courier Mail of May 25 - 26, 2013

QLD - Registration decision - QC08/3-1 Wongkumara People

( )

At Schedule A the native title claim group is described as all those persons named in Attachment
A and their biological descendants. Therefore the claim group is based on an apical ancestor
description, and paragraph (b) of s. 61(4) applies. Attachment A is reproduced below.


Only surviving child of the Late Albert Ebsworth and Rose Ebsworth
Lena Murray

Children of the Late Martin Ebsworth
Rosemary Wilson, Barbara Ebsworth, Shirley Ebsworth, Karen Ebsworth, Linda Ebsworth,
Jennifer Ebsworth, Amanda Ebsworth, Robyn Ebsworth, Gail Ebsworth, Martin Ebsworth Jr,
Barry Mallyer, Roger Ebsworth, Carl Ebsworth

Children of the late Alfred Edward Ebsworth
Alfred ("Maxie") Ebsworth, Neville Ebsworth, Kenny Ebsworth, Noelene Perdrisat, Rose Carter

Children of the Late Michael Dixon
Brenda Dixon, Michael Dixon, Jessica Dixon, "Sonno" Johnston, Graham ("Noddy") Dixon,
Vivienne ("Vickie") Dixon, John Dixon, Donna Dixon, Derek ("Lolly") Dixon, Donald ("Donnieboy") Dixon, Tray ("Sorgie") Dixon, Bridget Dixon

of the Late Roy Dixon
Monica Dixon

Children of the Late Edna Joyce Leonard
Christen Leonard, Alan Leonard, Alfred Leonard, Les Leonard, Cynthia Leonard, Edna Leonard

Children of the Late Anthony Dixon
Anthony ("Sweeney") Dixon, Lorna Dixon, Christopher ("Cody") Dixon, Kim Dixon,
Barbara Dixon, Kelvin Dixon, Venus Dixon

Children of the Late Warwick Fernando
Shaylee Gilbey, Warwick ("Sonno") Gilbey, Joycelyn Gilbey, Vivienne Gilbey, "Sissie" Gilbey

Children of the Late Beverley Fernando
Donald Fernando, Kenneth Fernando, Toni Fernando, Laura Fernando

Children of the Late Laura Dixon
Patricia Dixon, Netta Dixon, Noelene Dixon, Donald ("Donny") Dixon

Children of the Late Paul Dixon
Paul Knight, Leane Knight, Brody Knight

Children of the Late Claude Dixon
Richard Dixon, Tracy Dixon, Denise Dixon, Mary Dixon, Tootsie Dixon, Claudette Dixon,
Erica Dixon

Children of the Late Albert Ebsworth
Alma Sullivan, Graham Knight

Children of the Late Hector Bates
Noelene Hudson, Susan Hudson, Andrew Hudson, Kristy Hudson, Paul Hudson, Bradley Hudson, Bruce Hudson, Roger Hudson, Donna Hudson

Children of the Late Rita McKellar
Linda Elwood, Lillian McKellar, Glen McKellar, David McKellar, Dean McKellar,
Louella McKellar

Child of the Late Clifford Hartnett
Margie-Anne Whyman

Child of the Late Cyril Hartnett
Cyril ("Junior") Whyman

Children of the Late Shirley Edwards
Cynthia Knight, Joanne Barker, Margaret Edwards, Letitia Edwards, Megan Edwards,
Morris Edwards, Percy Edwards, Mervyn Edwards, Dennis Edwards, Maria Edwards

Children of the Late Darcy Edwards
Aaron Orcher, Annika Orcher, Shirley-Anne Orcher, Deakin Orcher, Tegan Orcher,
Marcia Orcher, Darcelle Orcher,

Children of the Late John Hartnett
Eunice Hartnett, Phyllis Hartnett, Roger Hartnett, Albert Hartnett, Jane Hartnett,
Vera Thomas, Cherrie Hartnett, Adrian ("Russell") Broughton

Child of the Late Bernard Edwards
Steven Dargan

Child of the Late Ruby Johnson
Amy Gloria Elwood

Children of the Late Rhonda Williams
Kelly Williams, Kylie Williams, Noel Williams

Children of the Late Kerrin Johnson
Jannette Kelly, Annette Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, Larry Johnson, Lorraine Johnson,
Maureen Johnson

Children of the Late Roy Johnson
Moma Johnson, Maria Johnson, Roslyn Johnson, Gloria Johnson, Darryl Johnson,

Children of the Late Gladys Edwards
Patricia Edwards, Pam Edwards

Children of the Late Gladys Johnson
Deanna Edwards, Shane Edwards, Clark Edwards, Dell Edwards, Mark Edwards

Child of the Late Ron Johnson
Lisa Johnson

Child of the Late Elene Shepherd
Coleen Shepherd

Children of the Late Edith Edwards
Dawn Smith, Fay Monaghan, Wilma Edwards, Jannelle Edwards, Clem Edwards,
Brian Edwards

Children of the Late Iris Edwards
Pauline Edwards, Malcolm Edwards

Children of the Late Roger Edwards
Fred Coleman, John Edwards, Audane Edwards, Bradley Edwards, Greg Edwards,
Alfred Edwards, Darlene (“Darla") Edwards

Children of the Late Arnold (“Picaninie") Ebsworth
Margaret Collins, Judith Nicholls, Lorraine Gilby, Ellen Johnson, Irene Ebsworth

Children of the Late Martin Ebsworth
Chris Ebsworth, Anna Ebsworth, Kimbley Ebsworth

Children of the Late Cecil ("Nocka") Ebsworth
Cecil Ebsworth, Maureen Winbank, Malcolm Ebsworth, Ernest ("Hope") Ebsworth,
Peter Ebsworth, Dianne McGlashen

Children of the Late Alma Ebsworth
Archie Ebsworth, Manuel Ebsworth, Lorna Pine, Loretta Tupou, Leona Tai

Children of the Late Jean McKellar
Clancy McKellar, Greg McKellar, Wayne McKellar, Ruth McKellar, Sally McKellar,
Cal McKellar, Rebecca McKellar, Tray McKellar, Shona McKellar,

Children of the Late Gerald McKellar
Gerald McKellar Jr, Jenna McKellar, Shannon McKellar, Cody McKellar,

Children of the Late Thomas McKellar
Margaret McKellar, Thomas McKellar, Jay McKellar, Robert McKellar,

Children of the Late Janice Dennis
Shona McKellar, Peter McKellar, Floyd McKellar,

Children of the Late Arthur Ebsworth
Majella Jones, Coral-Lee Jones

Children of the Late Madeline Hines
Clarrie Hines, Peter ("Paddy-boy") Hines

Child of the Late Eileen Hines
Darren Hines

Children of the Late Jeannie Hines
Loretta McKellar, Judith Hines

Children of the Late Rita ("Georgina”) Hines
Lorna Vincent, William Hines, Thomas Hines, Edna Hines, Rhonda Hines, Barry Hines

Children of the Late Malcom ("Pierce") Hines
Maureen Hines, Fiona Hines, Tina Hines,

Child of the Late Ray Hines
George Hines,

Raised by the Late Lucy Harding
Norman Hodge

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  1. Margie-Ann Whyman was the daughter of Cyril Hartnett not Clifford Hartnett. She is the sister of Cyril "Junior" Whyman