Sunday, 22 September 2013

The Juru People native title claim group

The claim area is roughly bounded by Home Hill, Bowen and Proserpine in Queensland.

The Juru People native title claim group is currently described as the descendants of the following aboriginal ancestors:

Emily Pickard
Con Lymburner
Nellie Steel / Stell
Lena Taylor
William Morrell an his wife Bessie Rook
Jinnie Ross
Eliza Lampton (mother of Arthur Lampton)

This meeting is to authorise the inclusion of Rosie Wake as an apical ancestor.

Some notes on some of these apical ancestors follows
In 1930  Natives removed from Ayr to Palm Island included Con Lymburner and wife and sons 12 yrs and 3 yrs). Con Lymburner was born around 1882 at Ayr. His father was a white man.

Toby Lampton died on 17. 4.1918 at Bowen. Toby's wife was Eliza (Liza) Lampton. Toby's son is Arthur Lampton of Ayr who has a wife and family.
Eliza Lampton, born about 1889 Seaforth, Ayr, parents Harry Eppy and Annie, Widow.

Appeared in the Courier Mail of September 21, 2013

Meeting advertised in the Koori Mail of November 2, 2016 includes Rosie Wake (mother of William and Emma Nicol) as an apical ancestor.

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