Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Western Yalanji Apical Ancestors

The Federal Court of Australia case Brady on behalf of the Western Yalanji People #4 v State of Queensland [2013] FCA 958 available here lists the following apical ancestors of the Western Yalanji people

The claim area is in the Mareeba Shire area North Queensland.

1. The descendants of one or more of the following people:

Sandy Tippo (also known as Deppo King), the father of Jack Brady and others;

Charlie Fox and Emily Fox (also known as Emily Skene, also known as Emily Skeen), the parents of Stella Rogers (née Fox) and others;

George Maytown (also known as William Dolo, also known as Janga);

Billy (also known as Namukaia) and Maggie (also known as Wautaluygu), the parents of Lizzie Riley and others;

Billy, the father of Jimmy Riley and others;

Kitty, the mother of Caroline Rose Davis (also known as Caroline Rose Molloy, also known as Caroline Rose Brown, also known as Caroline Rose Roberts, also known as Kitchay) and others;

Charlie Lee Cheu, the father of Caesar Lee Cheu and others;

Mary (also known as Railuinn), the mother of Rosie Grogan (née Palmer) (also known as Rosie Maytown) and others;

George Maytown (also known as George Dodd Senior), the father of Dolly Maytown and others;

Jack Burton, the father of Nancy White (also known as Nancy Brickey) and others;

Bula Burton (also known as Buller Burton);

Ruby Meldrum, or her brother Rob Miller;

Biddy Mango (also known as Biddy Looney), the mother of Dolly McNamara and others;

‘Nama’minkidji and Wur’puram, the parents of Jannie Maytown (also known as Jennie Maytown) and others;

Mitchell Earl, the father of Norman Mitchell and others;

Lena Palmer (also known as Lena Banjo, also known as Lena Gordon), or her brother Togo;

Charlie Curraghmore, or his brother Charlie Jubilee;

Dolly, the mother of Alice Roberts and others;

Jimmy Roberts, the father of Jack Lawyer and others;

Dolly, the mother of Charlotte Palmer and others;

Mary Anderson (also known as Maggie Anderson), or her sister Dianna (also known as Dinah), or their sister the mother of Rosie Simpson (née Murray);

Billy Snider Senior (also known as Jimmie Snider), the father of Charlie Snider and others;
Buiku Buiku, the father of Kitty and others;

Sambo and Maggie, the parents of Minnie Williams and others;

Johnny Cake (also known as Johnny Stewart), the father of Kenneth Lloyd Stewart and others;

Hilda, the mother of Jessie Pauletta Davis and others;

Maggie, the mother of James Andrew Mossman (also known as Jimmy Mossman) and others; or

2. People who are recruited by adoption into one of the above descent groups in accordance with the traditional laws and customs of the Western Yalanji People.

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