Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Bidjara People #6 Claim

The claim area is approximately bounded by Barcaldine in the north, Roma in the east, Wyandra in the south and Adavale in the west.

Bidjara apical ancestors are listed as

Harry Gadd
Mother of George, Ada and Georgina Turner
Paddy Murphy
George Mother and Roy Murphy
Harry Brown and Alice
Jemima Tindale and Jim ‘Toby’ Lawton
Charlie Victor
'Gyima' Lucy
Lisa Fraser aka Eliza Peters
Dinah Lena
Hector Watson
Celina Grey
Alick Bosun
Mother of Ada, Lucy, Billy and Archie Lang
Willie and Minnema Colonel
Rubena Smith
William ‘Snapper’ Barnes
Jo and Dixie
Isabel Florence Bailey
'Gylma' Lucy
Kate Johnson – Mother of Lucy Long
Billy Langlo
Edward 'Charlie' Prince
Nellie Combo (mother of Billy Geebung) and Lucy Combo Ada, Fred and Mick Tatten

This notice appeared in the Koori Mail of April 9, 2014.

Some notes

1. There is a Lucy Mailman who died on 23. 5.1937 at Augathella aged 70 yrs whose father was W Long and mother was Kate Long (nee Johnson).

2. The Mitchell Police Letterbooks have an entry dated 6. 9.1920 as follows - Police Tracker Sandy discharged. A suitable replacement is Hector Watson who is about 30 years old and has recently been employed at Forest Vale. He is a native of Warrego. He has a H/C gin named Annie, recently employed at Forest Vale. Annie has a H/C boy aged 10 years.

3. Minnema an old woman, Willie Colonel an old man and Jessie and Pansy Colonel were removed from Bogarella to Cherbourg in 1931.


  1. Willie Colonel and Minnema Tatten(Nee Colonel) were brother and sister. Fred and Mick Tatten were Minnema's sons. Willie was the father of Jessie & Pansy. Jessie had a daughter she named after her sister Pansy who left Cherbourg in 1938 (approx) . Jessie brought up her sister's first son Rex on Cherbourg. Pansy Thorpe (nee Colonel 1922- ) had 6 more children James, Patricia, June, George, Victor & Diane. Pansy lives in Brisbane and turns 93 this July.

  2. I am the grand daughter of Pansy Colonel (living) & James Thorpe (deceased). Pansy believes she may be the eldest elder left from her generation. Can anyone confirm this?

  3. Pansy knows a lot about many of the people on this apical list. Why has no one been in touch with her?? Ray Robinson has her details.

  4. You may be ale to find out more from the claimants in the Federal Court of Australia case "Wyman on behalf of the Bidjara People v State of Queensland (No 4) [2014] FCA 93 (21 February 2014)" which can be seen at