Wednesday, 9 April 2014

New from the National Archives of Australia

From the National Archives of Australia web site

"From February 2014 our RecordSearch system allows you to view and download high resolution searchable PDFs for newly digitised records. On records where this is available the PDF icon and link will display.

The digital images have been scanned using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to create an invisible text layer of recognised characters and allows the content of the record to be searchable within a PDF reader (eg. Adobe Reader and select Ctrl + F). The accuracy of the OCR text depends on many factors including scanned resolution, typed versus handwritten, artefacts, condition and language. For example, records that are typed will have a higher accuracy than handwritten.
The PDFs have been secured and are unable to be modified. They can be printed or saved to your computer for offline viewing. To view the PDFs please make sure you have a PDF reader installed.
When ordering records, a PDF will be generated as part of the normal digitisation process with your printed copy and/or online digital images. It will be available to download online.
If you require any more information please contact us."

Certainly beats downloading page images and combining them to form a PDF file, something I have done hundreds of times.

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