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Federal Court of Australia - Kowanyama People

Daphney on behalf of the Kowanyama People v State of Queensland [2014] FCA 1149 available here

The native title holders are the Kowanyama People who comprise those people known as the Yir Yoront (sometimes called Kokomenjen), Koko Bera, Kunjen and Koko Berrin Peoples. The Yir Yoront, Koko Bera, Kunjen and Koko Berrin Peoples are those Aboriginal people who are:

1. The cognatic descendants of:
Solomon Minyalk
Thin Mitin Mart
Min Yal Panaurin
Art Kadlaurin
any of the siblings Kal Koral, Kor Mart, Min Koko Taren or Mad Len
Pow Mon Alithanem
Kauan Kor Mar’pen
any of the siblings Paul, Rio or Biddy
Yor Kantl Yamen
any of the siblings Mark, Barnabas or Kate
Arthur, the father of Smiler Misson
any of the siblings Native, Wilson, Akul Edngan, Uyan or Ginger
any of the siblings Major, Sergeant, Bobella or Gregory
Boandonolly (aka Puntanolli)
George Black (aka Thamil Polp)
either of the brothers “Barramundi” Charlie or Lamp
Eagleman, the father of Barney Jubilee
Joe Highbury
Tent (aka Thol Kol Kith)
Bruno (aka Wurrpwin)
Min Kawlto Tower Moilin
Wo Pam Mal Yamin
Mokara Hudson
either of the siblings George or Purt Ngon
Bob Patterson
Moses (aka War’luran)
either Mailman or his siblings
any of the siblings Stephen, Louie, Reubin (aka Robin), Jimmy Braddsley, Mabel Rio or Poppy
Old Mokara
Taw Wil Yir
Colin Dinghy
Fred Dunbar
Alick (aka Alec and Kauwunbengk)
Goanna (aka Melder)
either Mundie Shalfo or his sister
Willie Daphney
any of the siblings Fanny, Lucy Tommy, Waterloo, Elsie or Tommy Burns
either of the brothers Billy Flower or Goggle-Eye or their siblings
either of the brothers Rainbow Christie or Bowyang Charlie
either of the brothers Bob Dunbar or Bendigo or their siblings
any of the siblings Jimmy Koolatah, Coglin Dick, Kunjen Dick or George Murray
Frank Yam
Brumby (aka Jack Brumby)
Old Mud
Charlie Inkerman
any of the siblings Mimosa, Alison or May or
Maggie or

2. Recruited by adoption, in accordance with the traditional laws and customs of the Yir Yoront, Koko Bera, Kunjen and Koko Berrin Peoples.

Some notes

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Information from the Lower Edward / Mitchell Rivers Region

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For the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the School of Humanities at James Cook University

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