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Gaangalu - Blackwater Development Project

Gaangalu - Blackwater Development Project

The Gaangalu Nation native title claim group comprises all persons who are biologically descended from the following deceased ancestors :-

Maggie of Dingo
Biddy of Wooroona
Sandy of Wooroona
Henry Williams of Duaringa
Jack (of Coomooboolaroo)
Billy Mickelo
Claude and Anne Anderson
Rose Ann Tyson
Biddy (wife of Jumbo)
Lizzy Tiger (Blackwater)
Blanche of Duaringa
Annie French
Polly Doctor
Annie of Orion Downs
Annie and Ned Duggan
Peter Tyson

Lily of the McKenzie River Bend
John ‘Jack’ Bradley
Violet Thompson
Jenny Doctor [not daughter of Polly Doctor]
Polly McEvoy / Brown
Queenie (Hart) of Duaringa
Charlie, Willie and George Riley  (Brothers)
Lily / Lilla Livingstone
William Toby. 

Appeared in the Koori Mail of November 5, 2014

Some notes of interest

Home Office,  In Letters 1909, 9/5597
HOM /J47 Queensland State Archives

 9.11.1908 Lists unemployed aboriginals and half-castes at Blackwater, Emerald Police District.

Name                                   Notes

Jackey             45 yrs
Polly              His gin, 38 yrs
Robert             His son, 4 yrs

All are full blooded aboriginals

Blanche            H/C, 24 yrs
Aggie              Her child, H/C, 4 yrs
Baby               Her child, H/C, 1 yr

Lena               Aboriginal, 35 yrs
Boy                Her child, H/C, 8 yrs
Eileen             Her child, H/C, 5 yrs
Mona               Her child, H/C, 2 yrs

Annie              Aboriginal, 41 yrs
Aggie              Her Child, H/C, 17 yrs
Lena               Her child, H/C, 14 yrs

Polly              Aboriginal, 45 yrs
Trixie             Her child, aboriginal, 22 yrs
Freda              Her child, H/C, 9 yrs
Alice              Her child, aboriginal, 20 yrs
Arthur             Her child, aboriginal, 11 yrs

Molly              Aboriginal, 20 yrs

Monica             Aboriginal, 19 yrs
Mickey             Her child, H/C, 2 yrs

Hand-written note - Monica's marriage to a white man named Oram has been approved.
See also Q.P.P. 1908 (3/33) - Walter Oram.

Sandy              Aboriginal, 50 yrs
Aggie              H/C, 18 yrs
Toby               Aboriginal, 65 yrs
Mick               Aboriginal, 44 yrs

 4.12.1908 Letter about removal of the following Aboriginals from Blackwater to Barambah.

Jackey, Polly and Robert
Blanche and Aggie
Lena and her three children
Annie and Aggie
Polly and her four children

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  1. Koori Mail dated 16 November, 2016 has a notice for an authorisation meeting to decide whether the claim group should be amended to include the following as apical ancestors :-

    Nellie of Planet Downs
    Sarah Dodd
    Harriet Dutton
    Myra Freeman
    Hanny of Emerald
    Mary Ann Lamb (nee Crook)