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Iman People Native Title Meeting

Iman People Native Title Meeting

The claim group are described as the descendants of the following

Mary Arwa
Jim Waterton
Ada Robinson
Maggie Palmtree
Lizzie Palmtree
Eliza Shields
Mary Ann (mother of Maggie Dunn);
Fanny Waddy / Sandy
Dick Bundi / Bundai and Alice Dutton
Mother of John Serico (known as Aggie)

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated October 23, 2019

Odds and Ends

Living under the Act ' : Taroom Aboriginal Reserve 1911-1927
by Scott L'Oste-Brown and Luke Godwin 1995
Cecil Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve 22 November, 1914.
James Waterton died at Taroom Reserve 1 November, 1917.
Alice Bundi died at Taroom Reserve 9 December 1918.   
Dito Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve on 3 June, 1919.
Maggie Palmtree,died at Taroom Reserve on 9 June, 1919.
Fanny Waddy died at Taroom Reserve on 30 May, 1919.
Billy Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve on 25 September, 1922.
Old Bundi died at Taroom Reserve on 6  October, 1923.

Police Station, Taroom Watchhouse Charge Books
  7.11.1878  Serico, 20 years
26. 2.1892  Serigo, 34 years
12. 5.1892  Serigo, 34 years
19. 6.1892  John Serico, 34 years
20. 3.1893  John Serico, 36 years, half-caste. To Roma Gaol
24.12.1893  John Serico, 36 years, half-caste
27.12.1893  John Serico, half-caste
  6. 5.1895  John Serico, 37 years, half-caste
14. 2.1897  John Serico, 38 years
29. 9.1898  John Serico, 39 years

George Bunder and Elsie Toby, aged 23 yrs, born Banana, parents Charlie Toby and Lizzie Palmtree were married at Barambah on 11.11.1918

Arthur Bundai H/C, parents Dick and Alice Bundai, was born c1896 at Taroom

Cobbo Williams and Billy Bundi were removed from Taroom to Barambah in 1921

Ruby Cressbrook, parents Jimmy and Fanny Waddy was born c1903 at Taroom

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