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Wangkamahdla Nation (QUD52/2016) Native Title Meetings

Wangkamahdla Nation (QUD52/2016) Native Title Meetings

The claim area is roughly west of Bedourie and Boulia and extends to the Northern Territory border.

The native title claim group for the Application is currently described as the descendants of the following ancestors:

1.  Norman Rainmaker and his children, including Joe Rose and Kweteyenke
2.  Belia Toby
3.  Charlie Deemera
4.  Puppa and her daughter Annie Topsy Hansen nee Daley
5.  Larrikin, also known as Dolly
6.  Dolly of Glenormiston and her children, including Lion and Tiger
7.  Molly and her children, including Judy Sailor and Arthur Daley Jnr
8.  Polly Docherty
9.  Dolly, sister to Polly Docherty
10. Maudie, mother of George Quartpot and Paddy Beecham
11. Mother of Turukalanima
12. Topsy, sister to mother of Turukalanima and Bunny
13. Bunny
14. Lizzie Wiriwaltu Green
15. Kitty Bedourie

The purpose of Authorisation Meeting #1 is to consider, following provision of anthropological and legal advice, authorising to amend the native title claim group description as follows:

The Native Title Claim Group are the descendants (including such people descended by social parenthood or rearing up who are recognised and accepted in accordance with traditional law and custom) of the following ancestors (newly described native title claim group):

1.  Rainmaker, the father of Joe Rose and Kwetyaneke
2.  Belia Toby, the father of Billy Butler, Johnny Belia and Ivy (Mutchee) Belia
3.  Charlie Deemera, the father of Paddy Deemera
4.  Puppa, the mother of Annie Topsy Hansen (nee Daley)
5.  Toby Roxborough
6.  Billy (Yummpibilly) Brady, the father of Bessie Brady
7.  King Peter, the father of Biddy Dinger, Les and Billy Jenkins, Ethel and Donnelly Britcher
8.  George Quartpot, the father of Tony, Patricia, Kerry, Gladys, Maria and Patrick Quartpot
9.  Jackie Beauchamp, the father of Paddy Beauchamp and social father of George Quartpot, and Jackie Beauchamp’s brother Aldie
10. Dolly of Glenormiston, the mother of Ruby Lyon, Dinger, Peter Western, Lion and Tiger
11. Molly, the mother of Judy Sailor and Arthur (Poddy) Daley Jnr
12. Polly Docherty, the mother of Jack (Snapshot) Hansen and Bergin Smith
13. Dolly, the sister to Polly Docherty and the mother of Charlie Trotman and Jack O’Donnell
14. Topsy (also known as Bonny), the mother of James Roxborough Craigie and George Craigie
15. Bunny, the mother of Joe, Dora, Peter and Jack Craigie, Dinah Aplin and Donald Bedourie
16. Jinny Toby, the mother of George and Fred Age, Ida Toby and Lily Clayton
17. Tommy Ferguson, the father of Betty Major
18. Kitty Bedourie, the mother of Bessie and Jessie Bedourie, Donald Dee and Emily Denny
19. Mother of Turukalanima, Turukalanima was the mother of Norah Jacks and Ivy Nardoo
20. Lizzie (Wiriwaltu) Green, the mother of Jubilee Page
21. Jimmy Mantandi, the father of Clara (Indjiniga) Naylon
22. Alice (Wiyekari), the mother of Mary and Daisy Craigie

Appeared on the Koori Mail of October 23, 2019

Some notes of interest

Joe II (Rose), tribal name Diljarra, born c1884 Glenormiston Stn, Boulia, parents Sandy and Peewee.

North Simpson Desert Land Claim Report No. 45
"The claimants are all descendants of one man (Rainmaker) who had three sons and a daughter (Kwetyaneke). Two of the three sons (Joe Rose and Bilya) had children. Joe Rose is the father of claimants Dubbo Rose, Juntu, Ned Rose, Topsy, and Jenny (Arigeeni)."
"Lindsay Bookie explained that this country was owned by Akwakelye (King Peter), and that when he died George Quartpot (his stepson) took over. Quartpot is getting old and has no one within his immediate family who has substantial knowledge of the country and who can take over for him, but as long as George Quartpot is alive, he is the boss for the country, and after his death Dubbo Rose, Juntu, and Patcherly and Lindsay Bookie will take it over for the next generation."

Belia Toby, born c 1879 Glenormiston near Boulia, father Toby, mother Mary Ann
Belia and Ida Toby were granted Exemptions in 1959

Death report from Northern Territory - "21. 3.1959 From Tobermorey Station, Mt Isa to Alice Springs - Aboriginal Puppa died at Tobermorey this morning. Appeared to be very old."

Dolly (Lion), born c1923 Chatsworth Stn, Boulia, parents Bobby and Lardie

Biddy Dinger was removed from Boulia to Woorabinda in 1936

1928 Boulia. List of destitute Aborigines at Glenormiston
Dolly, Polly 1, Polly 2, Topsy, Rosie, Lizzie, Galloping Mary, Maggie, Mary Ann, Larrikin (children Billy 9 yrs, Leslie,5 yrs, Biddy 4 yrs), Maudie (children George 9 yrs, Paddy 3 yrs), Handbag Jacky, King Peter, Left Hand Frank, Poppa, Preety Peter
1940 Glenormiston Camp nearly deserted and most people gone to Northern Territory. Two natives still wanted for removal.

Billy Brady, born c1874 Glenormiston, Tokio Ranges or Boulia, father Junka, mother Nellie

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