Saturday, 24 March 2018

Jagera / Yagera People Native Title Claim

The claim area is roughly bounded by Toowoomba, Warwick and Brisbane.

The apical ancestors listed are

Roger Bell
Stanley Bell
William Hatton
Mary Hatton
Johnny Tarampa
Maggie, wife of Johnny Tarampa
Jane Collins

Appeared in the Courier Mail dated March 24, 2018

Details of Roger and Stanley Bell appear in the book Remembering the Forgotten - Deebing Creek by Bill Thorpe and published by Seaview Press in 2004.
Chapter 3 listing the Bells amongst others is here .

Tindale Cherbourg Sheets 10 and 50

Sheet 10 dated 29.11.1938 and 5.12.1938 lists the following people
Mary Hatton (Mary Morton)
William Turner
Mona Morton
Mr Mitchell
Stoker Currie
Derek Morton
Eric Morton

Sheet 50 dated 2.12.1938 and 5.12.1938 lists the following people
Sarah Smith
Diver Mitchell
Albert Mitchell
Mona Morton
Mary Hatton
Stoker Currie
Derek Morton

The Sheets list the relationships between these people.

Indexes to correspondence relating to Aborigines and Torres Strait Islanders, 1894-1905
Deebing Creek.
This index has been compiled from Queensland State Archive Item ID 716219 Papers (Parts 1- 9), 1/1/1894 – 31/12/1905. Queensland State Archives.
17.12.1901. Memorandum from Superintendent Ivins to Home Secretary noting Trampa Johnny F/B died at the Home on 17.12.1901 from consumption, aged about 75 years. He was born at Trampa and belonged to the Yackara tribe. [Indexer’s note: Handwritten "Tarampa Johnny died on 17th inst." – note different spelling of Trampa.]

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