Saturday, 24 March 2018

NNTT Wakaman People #4 Native Title Claim

National Native Title Tribunal File QC2017/014 available here entered on the Register 22/03/2018.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment C - Map of Area available here
Attachment B - Area Description available here
This claim is interesting in the amount of detail provided in the Claim Group Description. Following is a list of the apical ancestors from the Register extract

The Wakaman People native title claim group is comprised of the descendants (including through adoption or raising up in accordance with traditional laws and customs) of the following apical ancestors:

a. Jimmy and Winnie, parents of Maude Byrne and grandparents of Jinnie Pearson, Joe Dosetta Jnr and Rita Hall;
b. Mick McTavish Snr, father of Jessie Chong and Fred Fulford, and grandfather of Daisy Thomas;
c. William and Emily Fulford, parents of Henry Fulford;
d. Spider and Kitty, parents of Maggie grandparents of Harold Jackson, Jubilee Jackson,
Phoebe Jackson and Maggie Fox;
e. Pluto Brumby, father of Jack Brumby, Mabel Kew and Maude Robin;
f. Jinnie Denford, mother of Alick Brown and May Ezzy aka May Brown;
g. Micky Atherton, father of Roley Cameron;
h. Billy Garbutt and Lucy aka Lizzie, parents of Margaret Maude and grandparents of
Albert Thomas, Louise Malthouse, Maude Ludwick and Agnes Henry;
i. Kandjuldi and Ngululinjeir, parents of Charlie Oak Park aka Charlie Leftbridge;
j. Bujulimba, mother of Phil Alpin Snr and grandmother of Phil Alpin Jnr;
k. Nellie, mother of Ruby Riley nee Alpin, Phil Alpin Jnr and Herbert Alpin aka Herbert Brown;
l. Harry Croydon, father of Jerry Croydon;
m. Darby and Dick, parents of Jessie Croydon and grandparents of Jerry Croydon;
n. Jaingkali aka Nellie Hackett aka Minnie Chillagoe and her parents Geramutami and Bomarana, parents of Frank Hudson, Minnie Sandy and Lucy;
o. Jenny and Billy, parents of Rosie Rosendale (wife of Louis Rosendale and William Maytown aka William Dolo);
p. Lizzy Marr, mother of Elma Marr (wife of Leo Rosendale);
q. Maggie, mother of Charlie Brown and Bob Brown;
r. Pearl and Charlie Chillagoe, parents of Alex Chillagoe and grandparents of Bethel Andrews, Jane Wallace, Mildred McLeod and Jessima York;
s. Mitchell Dodd;
t. Charlie and Polly, parents of Larkin aka Larkie Ferguson and Jackie Hackett;
u. Siblings Kathleen and Nancy Robinson.


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