Saturday, 24 March 2018

NNTT Gamilaraay People Claim

National Native Title Tribunal File QC2017/006 available here entered on the Register 20/11/2017.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment B - Area Description available here
Attachment C - Map of Area available here

The Gamilaraay People are those persons who are descendants of the following Apical Ancestors and who identify and are recognised under the traditional laws and customs of the native title claim group as Gamilaraay:

1.  Beeswing and his daughter Lucy Long
2.  Kitty, mother of Charles, Jack and Alice Dennison
3.  Kitty [Dunn]
4.  Mary Ann mother of William Arnold
5.  Mary Ann and Murray parents of George and Ada Murray
6.  Reuben Bartman
7.  George Bennett and Mary Moodie
8.  Charles Cubby and Lucy Ann
9.  Harry Denham
10. Maude Dixon/Hill
11. Billy Edwards
12. Jonathan Flick and Mary Ann
13. Charlie Hippi
14. Eliza Kirk
15. Walter/William Marley
16. James McGowan father of Aggie, Annie and Kate McGowan
17. Mary McGrady
18. Phoebe Munday
19. William Hilbert Saunders
20. Lennie Jane Smith/Rodwell
21. William Trapman/Troutman
22. Whalen Johnny
23. William (Billy) Wightman
24. Sarah Witon aka Witson/Wilson/Murphy
25. Eliza Weatherall

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