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NNTT Uwynmil ML(A) 32327 and ML(A) 32328 Claim (N.T.)

NNTT Uwynmil ML(A) 32327 and ML(A) 32328 Claim (N.T.)

Tribunal file no.: DC2020/006
Federal Court file no.: NTD26/2020
Application name: Uwynmil ML(A) 32327 and ML(A) 32328 Claim
State or Territory: Northern Territory;
Local government area(s): Un-Incorporated (Marrakai-Douglas Daly) Area
Date filed: 21/12/2020
Date claim entered on Register: 05/02/2021

Extract here .
Boundary Description here .

The claim is a small area between the Litchfield National Park and the Kakadu National Park.

The Uwynmil group comprise a restricted cognatic group which traces descent from the following apical ancestor; Alangurradj.

The apical ancestor referred to above is more particularly identified as follows; Alangurradj was an Aboriginal person whose children included Neddy Tambling (Walaparnda/ Walpungiti).

The Other Native Title Holders are other Aboriginal persons who, in accordance with the Primary Native Title Holders' traditional laws and customs, have rights and interests in respect of the application area, subject to the rights and interests of the Primary Native Title Holders.

The Other Native Title Holders are:
(a) Members of the neighbouring native title holding groups or estate groups; and
(b) Spouses of the Primary Native Title Holders.

Some Odds and Ends

Northern Standard (Darwin, NT) Friday 24 Aug 1951
The death occurred on August 7 at Humpty Doo Station of Neddy Tambling well known manager of the station, at the age of about 60. Tambling has been in charge of the station for many years and was widely known and respected among the station folk. In deference to his wishes and those of his employers the coroner consented to his burial at Humpty Doo where he spent so much of his life. The funeral was conducted on August 9.

We All Bin Mix Together - a Study of the Formation of the Aboriginal Community at Humpty Doo, N.T., 1980.
David J Ritchie B.A. (Hons) Thesis, La Trobe University
The following families are listed

Neddy Tambling (Walapunditi), wife Bessie (Laniyuk),
children Tom Tambling (Darr Darr), Madeline Tambling and Daisy Tambling

Tom Tambling (Darr Darr), wife Barbara Yates, children Angus Tambling (Uiddie),
Jennifer Tambling (Dadik), Daryll Tambling (Punambul), Valerie Tambling (Punalamatj),
Jason Tambling (Maranda), Stella Tambling (Malurrk)

Andrew Hender, wife Madeline Tambling

Ned Tambling is also mentioned in the Alligator Rivers Stage II Land Claim available here .

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NNTT Gurambilbarra Wulgurukaba Mada Claim

NNTT Gurambilbarra Wulgurukaba Mada Claim

Tribunal file no.: QC2020/002
Federal Court file no.: QUD176/2020
Date filed: 05/06/2020
Date claim entered on Register: 14/08/2020

Membership of the Gurambilbarra Wulgurukaba People’s group is in accordance with the traditional laws acknowledged and the traditional customs observed by them and is based upon descent from an acknowledged Gurambilbarra Wulgurukaba antecedent.

The GW Mada Claim Native Title Claim Group is comprised of the biological and adoptive descendants (in accordance with traditional laws and customs) of the following apical ancestors:

Hilda Ambrym
Anne, mother of Peter Hegarty
Emily Underwood
Jimmy White

Extract available here.
Map available here.
Boundary description available here.

Some Odds and Ends

Ada Underwood (Choikee), born c1885, parents James Underwood (white man) and Emily, husband Neddie Choikee F/B (legally married)

List of Aborigines to be removed from Ayr to Barambah in 1911 listed as follows Peter Hegarty and gin, Jenny and 6 H/C children,Frank Fisher and gin, Rosie and 4 H/C children, Fred Weeds and gin, Jemima, Harry and his gin Fanny, Raymond Duncan and his H/C gin Mary & child, Johnny Ryan and gin, Maudie, Tommy Maryboro, Wondai (25)

Cherbourg genealogical sheet gives the following information
Peter Hegarty (parents William Gala (Malayan) and Annie), born 1878 Townsville, died 4. 3.1957 married Jenny Ross, deceased 27.10.1931 at Cherbourg.

Jangga People #3 and State of Queensland (QUD296/2020)

Jangga People #3 and State of Queensland (QUD296/2020)

The native title claim group is the Jangga People.

Federal Court number: QUD296/2020
NNTT number: QC2020/004
Date application filed: 21/09/2020
Date claim entered on Register: 04/11/2020

Register is available here .
Boundary description is available here .

The Jangga People are persons who are descendants of one or more of the following apical ancestors:

Charlie Tiers
Dick Hegarty, also known as Dinduk
Pompey Earl
Mick Havilah (also known as Mick Cotherstone) or his brother Johnny Havilah
Albert Twist
Dick Cook and his wife/partner Lilly Cook
Charlie Pinkipie and his wife/partner Judy Pinkipie
Billy (also known as King Billy) and his wife/partner Clara (also known as Queen Clara)

The claim area is north west of Emerald and has the Belyando river running through it.

Some Notes

Protector of Aborigines, Nebo, Memos and Circulars 1935 - 1938
12. 9.1936 Lily Cook to take up residence on Croydon Stn, St Lawrence Protectorate, with her son Pincher Cook.

Charlie Pinkie Pie C-38 F/B, born c1863 Yacamunda Stn, parents Jim Remmis and Lizzie, spouse Judy

Mick Havilah, born c1867 Bowen River, parents Willie and Polly, wife Rosie

Wages Register Nebo
Rosie Havilah Folio 78 Dates 1925-1941
(Wife of Neddy (dec), now wife of Mick Havilah)
(Cousin Lenny (dec) of Collinsville 1939, A/C to Rosie)
(Tommy Thorning (dec) 1941, A/C to Rosie)

Jean Earls, born c1914 Bowen, parents Pompey Earl and Bella

Protector of Aboriginals, Nebo
24. 9.1932 Old aboriginal Dick No. 2 (also known as Dick Hegarty) died in Collinsville Hospital
on 24. 8.1932. He has two daughters in the Nebo District, namely Eliza Iffley, wife of Tommy Iffley,
now at Byerwen and Kate at Suttor Creek.

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Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Native Title Meeting

Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Native Title Meeting

The meeting, amongst other things, is "to authorise the native title determination application (the authorisation meeting) over the two areas depicted on the map denoted as YY Claim #3, and at the time and location set out, below." These areas appear, from the map in the advertisement to be in Queensland.

Under the traditional laws and customs of the Yandruwandha and Yawarrawarrka People, the Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Native Title Holders are those living Aboriginal people who identify as, and are recognised by other Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Native Title Holders as Yandruwandha or Yawarrawarrka (or both), because:

(a) he or she is biologically descended from one or more of the

following Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka apical ancestors:

Annie (born at Cordillo Downs), mother of Archie Guttie;
Clara Nirrpinni, mother of Frank Booth and Alice Miller (nee Booth);
Cora the mother of Bob Parker and Nellie Parker;
The parents of Flash Ted Bikehandle and Flash Tommy;
Kimi (born at Innamincka) and his wife;
Maramundu Jack “The Ripper” Parker;
Caroline (born at Cordillo Downs) the mother of Mary Stafford (nee Moore), Jack Moore, Charlie Moore, female twins (Winifred and Freida) and Albert Moore;
Brothers Walter Harris(on) and Dick Harrison;
The parents of Lilly (whose married name is Parker) and her sister Kathlene (whose married name is George);
Annie and her husband, who are the parents of Coongie Maggie (born at Coongie Lakes in South Australia);
The parents of the sibling set – Billy Parker, Jessy Parker, Peter “Petekin” Parker, and Paddy Parker;
The parents of sibling set – Merty George and Merty Johnny and Merty Mick;
Larriken Mick.

or he or she is biologically descended from such other ancestor who is acknowledged by the Yandruwandha Yawarrawarrka Native Title Holders as a Yandruwandha or Yawarrawarrka apical ancestor.

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated February 24, 2021

Some Odds and Ends

Innamincka Words - Yandruwandha dictionary and stories (here)
compiled by Gavan Breen
The Australian National University
Canberra ACT 0200, Australia

Wallace on behalf of the Boonthamurra People v State of Queensland [2014] FCA 901 (here)

Frank Booth, born c1899 Innaminka, parents Jim Booth and Clara Booth, first wife Janey (deceased), second wife Florrie Tomahawk.
Florence Tomahawk and Frank Booth married at Woorabinda 4.11.1933

Githabul People Native Title Authorisation Meeting

Githabul People Native Title Authorisation Meeting

Descendants of the following Old People:
(who are the Old People describing the native title holding group as determined in Trevor Close on behalf of the Githabul People v Minister for Lands (NSD6019/1998))

Billy Williams
Doctor or Billy Williams
Julia Charles
Hughie Williams
Mary Williams
Elizabeth Williams
Lily Williams
Elsa/Eileen Williams
Euston Williams
Jimmy Sambo
Dan Sambo
Emily Sambo
Margaret Sambo
Jean Sambo
Timegar Sambo
Jerry Wagner
Alec Bond
Rene Bond
Anne Hippine
Lily Harrison
Dillon Harrison
Elizabeth Sutherland
Arthur Bundock
Fred Yarrie
Margaret Yarrie
Sam Yarrie
Bob Yarrie
Syd Yarrie
Billy McBride
Elizabeth McBride
Gergan Williams
Minnie Williams
Clara Williams
Lena Weekly
Emily Weekly
John Devan
Dolly Devan
Tom Close
Nellie Devine
Roy Close
Violet Cliff
Sarah Kenny
Lizzy Andrew
Digger Marine or Mareen
Bill Williams
Nellie Williams
Alice Williams
Arthur Williams
Faraway Hart
Tommy Boyd
Roger Boyd
Bill Hill Snr
King Edward Derry
Billy King Snr
Bill Brown
Tommy Kenny

The proposed Githabul application area is wholly within Queensland and falls within the Upper Condamine River Catchment area, extending in the south from the Queensland / New South Wales border, north almost to Clifton, in the East from the Great Dividing Range and to the Herries Range in the West. The application area includes the towns of Warwick, Allora and Killarney. The area proposed to be claimed in the Githabul People Application is adjacent to the Githabul determination area in NSW.

Some Odds and Ends

Aspects of Aboriginal Station management (Woodenbong, NSW)
R. G. Hausfield, 1960
M.A. Thesis, University of Sydney
Appendix III, A Sample Genealogical Table (here)

Wangkamahdla People Native Title Authorisation Meetings

Wangkamahdla People (QUD52/2016) Native Title Authorisation Meetings

The Wangkamahdla People have made a claimant application to the Federal Court of Australia seeking recognition of their native title rights and interests under the Native Title Act 1993 (Cth). The claim is Wangkamahdla People (QUD52/2016) (‘the Native Title Claim’). Location is South western Queensland adjacent to the Northern Territory border.

The Wangkamahdla People native title claim group is described as the descendants of the following people:

Rainmaker, the father of Joe Rose and Kwetyaneke;
Belia Toby, the father of Billy Butler, Johnny Belia and Ivy (Mutchee) Belia;
Charlie Deemera, the father of Paddy Deemera;
Puppa, the mother of Annie Topsy Hansen (nee Daley);
Toby Roxborough;
Billy (Yummpibilly) Brady, the father of Bessie Brady;
King Peter, the father of Biddy Dinger, Les and Billy Jenkins, Ethel and Donnelly Britcher;
George Quartpot, the father of Tony, Patricia, Kerry, Gladys, Maria and Patrick Quartpot;
Jackie Beauchamp, the father of Paddy Beauchamp and social father of George Quartpot, and Jackie Beauchamp’s brother Aldie;
Dolly of Glenormiston, the mother of Ruby Lyon, Dinger, Peter Western, Lion and Tiger;
Molly, the mother of Judy Sailor and Arthur (Poddy) Daley Jnr;
Polly Docherty, the mother of Jack (Snapshot) Hansen and Bergin Smith;
Dolly, the sister to Polly Docherty and the mother of Charlie Trotman and Jack O’Donnell;
Topsy (also known as Bonny), the mother of James Roxborough Craigie and George Craigie;
Bunny, the mother of Joe, Dora, Peter and Jack Craigie, Dinah Aplin and Donald Bedourie;
Jinny Toby, the mother of George and Fred Age, Queen Ida Toby and Lily Clayton;
Tommy Ferguson, the father of Betty Major;
Kitty Bedourie, the mother of Bessie and Jessie Bedourie, Donald Dee and Emily Denny;
Mother of Turukalanima, Turukalanima was the mother of Norah Jacks, Ivy Nardoo and Monty Cameron;
Lizzie (Wiriwaltu) Green, the mother of Jubilee Page;
Jimmy Mantandi, the father of Clara (Indjiniga) Naylon
Alice (Wiyekari), the mother of Mary and Daisy Craigie.

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated February 24, 2021

Some Notes

Oodnadatta Genealogies by Jen Gibson 1988
Clara (Indjiniga) Naylon, father Jimmy (Arbilindiga) Naylon, mother Elizabeth (Garatjari, Aranda), spouse Johnny (Njambiga) Reece
Jimmy (Arbilindiga) Naylon, father Yungili, mothjer Bugagaguna, spouse Elizabeth (Garatjari, Aranda)
Elizabeth (Garatjari, Aranda), born c1888, died 1950, spouse Jimmy (Arbilindiga) Naylon

Demera, born c1880 at Tobermorey Stn, N.T., parents Toby and Mary Ann, wife Ida, children Vera (born c1922, married to Jubilee Page) and Paddy (born c1924)

Judy Sailor H/C, born c1905 Boulia / c1909 Glen Ormiston, parents Arthur Daly and Molly Daly, husband Sela Sailor, married Palm Island 1937

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Something Completely Different

The Roman Service Record of Petronius Fortunatus early second century AD.

Kasserine, Tunisia (Cillium)

[…] militavit L annis, IV in leg(ione) I Ita[lica]
librar(ius), tesser(arius), optio, signif(er), [7 = (centurio)]
factus ex suffragio leg(ionis) eiu[sdem]
militavit 7 leg(ionis) I Ital(icae), 7 leg(ionis) VI F[erratae],
7 leg(ionis) I Min(erviae), 7 leg(ionis) X Gem(inae), 7 leg(ionis) II A[di(utricis)]
7 leg(ionis) III Aug(ustae), 7 leg(ionis) II[I] Gall(icae), 7 leg(ionis) XXX U[l]p(iae),
7 leg(ionis) VI Vic(tricis), 7 leg(ionis) III Cyr(enaicae), 7 leg(ionis) XV Apol(linaris),
7 leg(ionis) II Par(thicae), 7 leg(ionis) I Adiutricis,
consecutus ob virtutem in
expeditionem Parthicam
coronam muralem vallarem
torques et phaleras, agit in
diem operis perfecti annos LXXX,
sibi et
Claudiae Marciae Capitolinae
koniugi karissimae, quae agit
in diem operis perfecti
annos LXV; et
M(arco) Petronio Fortunato filio,
militavit ann(is) VI, 7 leg(ionis) X[X]II Primig(eniae),
7 leg(ionis) II Aug(ustae), vixit ann(is) XXXV
cui Fortunatus et Marcia parentes
karissimo memoriam fecerunt

‘… served 50 years, 4 in the First Legion Italica as librarius, tesserarius, optio, signifer, made centurion by vote of the said legion; served as centurion of the First Legion Italica, and of the Sixth Legion Ferrata, the First Legion Minervia, the Tenth Legion Gemina, the Second Legion Adiutrix, the Third Legion Augusta, the Third Legion Gallica, the Thirtieth Legion Ulpia, the Sixth Legion Victrix, the Third Legion Cyrenaica, the Fifteenth Legion Apollinaris, the Second Legion Parthica, the First Legion Adiutrix; awarded the Mural Crown, the Rampart Crown, Torques and Arm-bands, for his valour in the Parthian campaign; aged 80 the day this work was finished. For himself and his dearest wife, Claudia Marcia Capitolina, aged 65 the day this work was finished; and for his son Marcus Petronius Fortunatus, who served six years, centurion of the Twenty-Second Legion Primigenia, centurion of the Second Legion Augusta, aged 35; for whom his parents Fortunatus and Marcia erected this monument to their dearest son.’

Both father and son had been centurions in Britain, the father in the Sixth Legion at York, his son in the Second Legion at Caerleon, although he may actually have died on active service. Skilful analysis of the father’s career by Eric Birley, Val Maxfield and Tony Birley, has outlined its chronology.39 It was unusually long and geographically diverse, taking Fortunatus from the lower Danube (Legion I Italica) to Jerusalem (VI Ferrata), and then probably to the detachments of European legions which served in the Parthian campaign of Lucius Verus (AD 162–6). It is this campaign to which he refers, not that of Septimius Severus, to judge by the lavish scale of his decorations. From here he went to Africa (III Augusta), then back to Syria (III Gallica), followed by the lower Rhine (XXX Ulpia) and even Britain (VI Victrix), before returning to the eastern frontier, that is to Arabia (III Cyrenaica) and the upper Euphrates (XV Apollinaris). By now in his late 60s, he was transferred to Severus’ new Second Legion Parthica (embodied c. AD 197), where like Virilis he may have been responsible for training recruits. Finally he served on the middle Danube with the First Legion Adiutrix. According to this chronology, he joined the First Legion Italica in the mid-AD 150s in his mid-20s, and retired 50 years later in his mid-70s. He implies that his son had died quite recently, which would place his birth (and his father’s informal marriage) in the mid- AD 170s.

Extracted from Britannia Romana by R S O Tomlin and published by Oxbow Books in 2018.