Friday, 16 December 2016

South Australian Indigenous Research Site

The site ( here ) contains a vast amount of reference material for South Australian Indigenous research. The site states

"Indigenous Studies in Australia  has relied largely on second- and third-hand sources, on hearsay, opinion and oral history rather than on evidence.  This site provides a store of primary data - mainly from South Australia but with records from all states going back to the 1830s. "

It is well worth a detailed look.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Wangkangurru / Yarluyandi Native Title Meeting

The claim area us at the junction of the Queensland, South Australian and Northern Territory boundaries.

The Wangkangurru / Yarluyandi people are descendants of the following ancestors

The parents of two brothers, Ililji-Danggana and Ililjili-Birbana
The parents of the sibling pair Nguarmariu (male) and Pungatjuntu (fenale
Sisters Maggie and Bugagaguna
The parents of a woman whose two sons (the name of the first son is unknown,the name of the second son is Yungili) married two sisters Maggie and Bugagaguna (as above) respectively (ie unnamed son married Maggie and Yungili married Bugagaguna)
Judy Dandribilina Trew (who married a man known as "Lagoon Charlie" Guranda and later a man called Charlie Trew

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated November 30, 2016


The publication Oodnadatta Genealogies by Jen Gibson has descendants of Yungili and  Bugagaguna listed in Chart 10. This is attached in two parts ( 1 ) and ( 2 ).