Friday, 16 December 2016

South Australian Indigenous Research Site

The site ( here ) contains a vast amount of reference material for South Australian Indigenous research. The site states

"Indigenous Studies in Australia  has relied largely on second- and third-hand sources, on hearsay, opinion and oral history rather than on evidence.  This site provides a store of primary data - mainly from South Australia but with records from all states going back to the 1830s. "

It is well worth a detailed look.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Wangkangurru / Yarluyandi Native Title Meeting

The claim area us at the junction of the Queensland, South Australian and Northern Territory boundaries.

The Wangkangurru / Yarluyandi people are descendants of the following ancestors

The parents of two brothers, Ililji-Danggana and Ililjili-Birbana
The parents of the sibling pair Nguarmariu (male) and Pungatjuntu (fenale
Sisters Maggie and Bugagaguna
The parents of a woman whose two sons (the name of the first son is unknown,the name of the second son is Yungili) married two sisters Maggie and Bugagaguna (as above) respectively (ie unnamed son married Maggie and Yungili married Bugagaguna)
Judy Dandribilina Trew (who married a man known as "Lagoon Charlie" Guranda and later a man called Charlie Trew

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated November 30, 2016


The publication Oodnadatta Genealogies by Jen Gibson has descendants of Yungili and  Bugagaguna listed in Chart 10. This is attached in two parts ( 1 ) and ( 2 ).

Friday, 18 November 2016

ILU Meeting Kalkadoon and Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People

ILU Meeting Kalkadoon and Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People

The Kalkadoon People are the Biological descendants of the following people:

1.  Lardie Roberts (aka Lardie Moonlight)
2.  Dolly Prosser
3.  Kitty Frogg
4.  Annie Whip (mother of Martin Connelly (Snr))
5.  Ida (aka Ada) Elston
6.  Leichardt Toby
7.  Rosie Waddibungera (mother of George Thorpe)
8.  Willy Malcolm
9.  Nancy Daniels
10. Fanny (Nellie) McLennan
11. Nellie and Jimmy (parents of Topsy, Harry, Annie Sam and Jack Kippen)
12. Maggie Sautelle
13. Daisy Barton (nee McLean)
14. Mundi MacDonald (aka King Mundie)
15. Charlie Caldwell (Snr)
16. Carbine
17. Jimmy Rolleston and Louisa Muni (parents of Bessie Mowbray)
18. Gypsy Reid (aka Gypsy Ryan)
19. Nellie Monkira
20. Polly Wilson (nee Hopkins) Marajundu
21. Jack Elston
22. Jessie Frogg (Snr)
23. Polly Alroy (aka Polly George)
24. Nobie Clay
25. Spider
26. Maryann (mother of Annie Reid and Eva Patterson)
27. Sophie MacDonald
28. Julie (mother of Eulie and Lizzie Hickson) and
29. Bessie Ah Fat

The Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People are the descendants of the following people, including those who have been adopted by those people or their descendants in accordance with traditional law and custom:

(1) Charlie Toby and Jinnie
(2) Jack Wilde
(3) Nellie Lynch
(4) George (Snr) Catchinda
(6) Derby Daylight or
(6) Pipalkarinya

Appeared in the Courier Mail of November 19, 2016

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Some South Australian Aboriginal Genealogies

The following publications contain numerous detailed Aboriginal genealogies some up to the 1980s
Oodnadatta Genealogies by Jen Gibson 1988
Rigney Family Point McLeay by Doreen Kartinyeri 1983
The Wanganeen Family Genealogy by Doreen Kartinyeri 1985
The Kartinyeri Family Genealogy by Doreen Kartinyeri 1989
Adnyamathanha Genealogy by Christine Davis & Pearl McKenzie 1985
Molly Lennon's Story as told to Jen Gibson 1989
Poonindie by Peggy Brock and Doreen Kartinyeri 1989
Ngarrindjeri Nation by Doreen Kartinyeri 2006
A World That Was by Ronald and Catherine Berndt and John Stanton 1993

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Larissa Behrendt Family History Article in The Quadrant magazine

The current issue of Quadrant (November 2016, pages 17 - 23) has an interesting article by Michael Connor titled "The Family Stories of the Behrendts".

It is now available online here .

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Proposed Native Title Group Meeting Dirranbandi

Proposed Native Title Group Meeting Dirranbandi

The claim area is roughly bounded by St George, Dirranbandi, Hebel and Noondale.

The apical ancestors are described as the following

Billy Bloomfield
Ned Combo and Jane Sands
Sarah Forester
Clara (Foster)
Kitty Hibbett
Peter Hippi aka Hippi Peters
Ellen Leonard
Clara Mason
Susannah McCauley
Eliza McCrae
Albert Murray father of Dolly McPherson
Biddigae (Billy) Murray (Hall)
Jack Murray and Mary Ann Combo parents of Sookie Murray
Mary Murray (Dancey)
Mary Murray (Orchard)
Thomas Murray and Kitty Bootha parents of Katie Murray (Butler) and Jenny Murray (Rose)
Biddy Martha mother of Harry Rose
John Jack Simpson
Ada Russell / Murdoch / Murray / Bloomfield
Fanny White
Jimmy Inch and Kitty

Appeared in the Koori Mail of November 2, 2016

Some Notes

John Bishop, aged 46 yrs, born UK, married Susannah McCauley, aged 28 yrs, born Woolerina Stn Queensland, parents John McCauley (white) and Biddy at New Angledool NSW in 1907 (NSW Ref 5153/1907)

Dolly Murray and Herbert McPherson applied to marry in 1929 at Dirrinbandi

Fanny White, a half-caste woman, married to a white man in Brisbane 1906

Thomas Hall, born Noondoo Stn, aged 23 years, parents Jack Hall and Mary Murray, married Lily Howell at New Angledool in 1930 (NSW Redf 6390/1931)

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Changes in Wikmunkan Kinship Structure

The following publication from 1970 is interesting in that it contains a number of genealogical charts and other genealogical information. Examples of the charts are here -  1, 2, 3 .

Changes in Wikmunkan Kinship Structure - An Introductory Analysis
Dissertation submitted as part of a B.A. Honours degree in Anthropology
E. Jean Adams
Monash University
November 1970

Friday, 30 September 2016

Quandamooka People Native Title Meeting

Quandamooka People Native Title Meeting

The Quandamooka people are described as the biological descendants of the following people

Nellie/Lilly Kidgeree
Mary Indoole Compignie
Elizabeth Ruska
Charlie Moreton (Dandruba)
Sidney Rollands (Kingal/Winyeeaba)
Lillian Lyons (Dungoo)
King Billy Toompani
Juno (Gonzales)
Liza Jungerboi (mother of Rose Martin nee Bain)
Tommy Nuggin (Gendarieba)
Tilly (mother of Tommy Dalton, Richard Dalton and Henry Lea)

Appeared in the Courier Mail dated October 1, 2016


An interesting thesis from 1994 (Links removed at request of Sandra Delaney)
Sandra Delaney Dip. T., Gr Dip A (Abor & InculSt)
This thesis is submitted for the award of Master of Arts (Aboriginal Studies)
University of South Australia
Department of Aboriginal Studies

Rosey Martin of Dunwick, widow aged 40 years, parents Jim Bain and Eliza Jungerboi,
married Harry Davies of Barambah on 22. 2.1911.

Kindarra died at Cherbourg on 3.10.1934

Mrs Fennock or Kindarra of Myora. Application for admission to Dunwich in 1933.
Mrs Fennock (Kindarra) removed from Myora to Cherbourg (Old and feeble)

Unnamed Rollands died on 12.10.1917 at Dunwich Hospital, wife of Sidney Rollands
Sam Rollands, son of Sydney Rollands, 1936 - Myora Aboriginal Cemetery

Charlie Moreton F/B born about 1871 Stradbroke Island, parents Charlie Moreton and
Sarah Moreton (Sandy), married Daisy Thompson

Mary Jane Sunflower born about 1886 Stradbroke Island, parents William and Sarah Moreton, married Sonny Sunflower

Annie Simpson, born about 1885 Stradbroke Island, parents Jack Simpson and Tilly,
married Arthur Smith in 1912 at Barambah


Exhibition of Aboriginal Photographs by Michael Aird
at the Queensland Museum. Seen 17.11.1991

Myora Mission, Stradbroke Island
Albert Tripcony, son of Mary Rose Tripcony 1914
Mary Rose Tripcony, daughter of Sydney Rollins c1890's
Rosie Campbell c1890's
Moreton Island
Sydney Rollins (female) c1860


In 1903 Alberta, a Stradbroke Island Woman was removed to Yarrabah,
accompanied by her husband, a Frazer Island man.


Saturday, 24 September 2016

Kabi Kabi Native Title Meetings

The current native title claim group is comprised of all the persons descended from the following ancestors and who identify as Kabi Kabi People:

Maggie Cadenti/Cadente/Cantidi: "Maggie" and George Parson
Albert Williams
Parents of Albert Smith and Peter Graham
Willie Kina
Susan Andy
Jacky Ball (or Baul) and Maggie Cain/Caine
James Crow/Crowe and Maggie Palmer
Emma Dunne; Lawrence Stanley; William/Willie/Bill Crowe; William/Billy Glenbar
Annie Laurie
Donald Murray
May Burnett
O'Halloran of Maryborough
Maria of Pialba
Menvil Wanmuarn/Jackie Delaney
Tuppernywoe/"King" Tommy of Noosa
Tilly/Tilly Glasshouse/Tilly of the Glasshouse/Matilda
Sarah Lloyd daughter of "Nannie"
Kate Law
Edward Ross

The purpose of the meeting includes the following items

(1) The removal of the following apical ancestors
Edward Ross
O'Halloran of Maryborough
Menvil Wanmuarn/Jackie Delaney
Tilly/Tilly Glasshouse/Tilly of the Glasshouse/Matilda
Sarah Lloyd daughter of "Nannie"
Maria of Pialba
Kate Law
Donald Murray

(2) The addition of the following apical ancestors
Sarah Di:naba Moreton
Marian / Mary Ann Thompson

(3) Reformulation of the existing apical ancestors
Parents of Albert Smith and Peter Graham to Mother of Albert Smith and Peter Graham.
Emma Dunne, Lawrence Stanley, William/Willie/Bill Crowe, William/Billy Glenbar so that Emma Dunne and William/Billy Glenbar are listed separately and Lawrence Stanley and
William/Willie/Bill Crowe are removed.

If authorised the new claim group apical ancestors would be

Maggie Cadenti / Cadente / Cantidi: "Maggie" and George Parson
Albert Williams
Kaloma-kuta / Galmaguda / Haloma-kuta / Kal-ma-kuta
Mother of Albert Smith and Peter Graham
Willie Kina
Susan Andy
Jacky Ball (or Baul) and Maggie Cain/Caine
James Crow / Crowe and Maggie Palmer
Emma Dunne
William / Billy Glenbar
Annie Laurie
May Burnett
Tuppernywoe / "King" Tommy of Noosa
Sarah Di:naba Moreton
Marian / Mary Ann Thompson

Appeared in the Courier Mail dated September 24, 2016 (a full 2 page spread).

Some notes

William and Emma Dunne were he parents of Fred Dunne born about 1882 at
Cootharaba, Gympie and married to Annie Uhr in 1912.

An Emma Dunne died on 26. 9.1910 and is buried in the New Gympie Cemetery

Billy Glenbar died on  5. 1.1924 at Barambah

Bob Glenbar and Helen had a son named Billy Glenbar born about 1887 at
Glenbar, Qld and married Maggie Carlo in 1912.

Kate Law died in July 1933 at Cherbourg

In 1906 three H/C children of Peter Graham, Roma, were sent to Deebing Creek

Peter and Elizabeth Graham had a son Fred Graham born in 1901 at Charleville

Willie Crowe, son of Nudler (deceased) and Mary, born about 1880 at Kenilworth
married Annie Stanley at Barambah in 1919

Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Native Title Bar Barrum People

Congoo on behalf of the Bar Barrum People #2 v State of Queensland [2016] FCA 693 here
Congoo on behalf of the Bar Barrum People #3 v State of Queensland [2016] FCA 694 here
Congoo on behalf of the Bar Barrum People #4 v State of Queensland [2016] FCA 695 here

The Bar Barrum People are the biological descendants of one or more of the following people:
(a)    Rosie aka Lucy (mother of William Congoo);
(b)    Nellie (mother of Albert Bennett);
(c)    Millie (mother of Alick/Aleck Collins aka Chalk aka Stevens) or of her siblings Fred and Jack Solomon;
(d)    Maggie Watsonville (mother of May Thynne);
(e)    Nora Miller nee Clark or of her brother Billy;
(f)    Arkaragan and Kurimbu (parents of Jack Robinson);
(g)    Jack Brumby (father of Peter Fagan and Monday);
(h)    Archie Perrott aka Campbell (father of Margaret Perrott);
(i)    Lizzie Simmonds (mother of Mamie Simmonds);
(j)    John Burt Grainer (father of John Grainer and Paddy Hastie);
(k)    Nellie Williams or of her sister Ethel Perrott;
(l)    Bessie Tiger (mother of Peter Freeman); or
(m) people who are or were adopted into one of the above descent groups in accordance with the traditional laws and customs of the Bar Barrum People.

Some notes

Rosie Congoo died 31.12.1951 Townsville aged 68 years
Parents were Tommy and Maggie
Children Mary, Bessie, Katie, Willie and Jack Congoo

Johnny Watsonville, also known as Johnny Muckani J-165,
aged about 65 years, died 12.11.1938 at Watsonville via Herberton.
Buried at a suitable place at Watsonville about 100 yards from
the camp, and where other Aborigines had been buried. Johnny had
been living with his gin Maggie Muckani in and around Watsonville
for a number of years. Grave diggers were Billy Con Goo and Henry Maudlove.

Lizzie Simmonds L-77 F/B, born 1889 Mareeba, husband Willie Simmonds

6. 5.1936  To Chief Protector of Aborigines Brisbane from Mt Garnet
Billy Simmonds of Gunnawarra Stn is 50-60 years old and King of the Mt Garnet District.
Lizzie Simmonds is the wife of Billy Simmonds and about 50 years old.
Daughters of the above two are Maimie and Cloie Simmonds aged 13 and 10 years respectively.
Cloie Reid of Woodleigh Stn is 50-60 years old.

Willie Simmonds, 72 yrs, of Mt Garnet, exempt 1952
Lizzie Simmonds, 66 yrs, of Mt Garnet, exempt 1952

John Bert Grainer (Johnnie), adult, baptised 3. 4.1926 at Yarrabah
Father is Grainer, Wife is Mary Lyla

Mavis Aline, daughter of John Bert and Mary Lyla Grainer
Baptised 11. 4.1926 at Yarrabah

Johnny Grainer, husband, 51 yrs
Daisy Grainer, wife
Edward Grainer, 1 year, son
John Grainer, 8 yrs, son
Margaret May Grainer, 2 yrs, daughter
From Mareeba, exempt 1946

16. 8.1941  About Peter Freeman, H/C from Police Herberton.
Employed at Gingerella Stn, Almaden. Exempt. Father possibly
Sambo Mungana. Unable to determine. Mother was Bessie Tiger who
once worked at Gunnawarra Stn. Bessie died a number of years ago.
Ada Freeman, his wife, is at Herberton.

Monday, 25 April 2016

Mandandanji Native Title Meeting

The claim area has been previously described as the Roma and St George region of South West Queensland.

Current apical ancestors are

Nellie Edwards
Combarngo Bill
Weribone Jack snr
Mary Weribone
The meeting amongst other things will be about

(a) retaining or removing descendants of Weribone Jack Snr

(b) including the descendants of the following
Bella (mother of May Cavanagh)
Nellie of Surat
Jinnie West
Mollie of Roma
Ellen Daisy

Appeared in the Koorie Mail of April 23, 2016

Some Notes

St. George Cemetery
Weribone, Jack, died 19-8-1959, Age 75 yrs
Jack Weribone H/C, aged 49 years in 1935, born Roma
Parents Jack Murray and Mary Jailer, wife Bine Henry

Weribone Jack removed from Goondiwindi to Taroom in 1917
Weribone Jack removed from Taroom to Barambah in 1919

Weribone Jack (Weribone Jack Murray), from Taroom Settlement and Beria, his wife
Arrived at Barambah on 25.10.1919

Natives removed from Surat to Taroom in 1916 are listed below
Clara Matthews  and her children Dora (7), Arthur (6), Frank (2 1/2), Mabel (1 1/4).
Harry Combarngo, Nellie Combarngo and children Myrtle (13), Perely (12), Nina (10), Colin (6).
Billy Combarngo.

William Combarngo W-104 of Surat, born 1863 Blythdale via Roma
Parents King Jimmy of Wallumbilla or Donnelly and Kitty
Wife Nellie Combarngo
Children Henry, Glen, Willie, Ollie, Colin, Percy, Sybil, Nina, Myrtle

Samuel MacDonald and Nellie Edwards were married in 1915 at Roma

In 1906 Aggie H/C 30 yrs of Surat, her children May 10 yrs, Thelma 6 yrs,
Kitty 4 yrs and a baby a few months old, sent to Deebing Creek.


Police Station, Surat, Letterbook,  2. 9.1914 - 25. 7.1916

 3. 9.1914  To I.O.P. Roma
Lizzie Watson, half-caste girl at Yarran Downs

 4.11.1914  To P.O.A. Brisbane
George Sublet asks permission to marry half-caste Sybil Cambarngo
(Spelt as Cambange).

 4.12.1914  To I.O.P. Roma
Half-caste Clara Edwards and her two illegitimate children, Frances Hannah Edwards and
Melda Lilly Edwards left Surat 4 weeks ago and are now at Roma. The may be in the company of Robert Munn.

 5.12.1914  To I.O.P. Roma
Tracker Moses

 7.12.1914  To I.O.P. Roma
Re: Mrs Beetsons report dated 27.10.1914
Half-caste Nellie Edwards is living in a hut with Samuel McDonald and
has lived with him for about 12 years. She has 3 male children aged
11, 7 and 5 years. McDonald supports them.
McDonald has applied for permission to marry Nellie Edwards.
Clara Edwards, half-caste, is at Roma
The Aboriginal men and boys in the report that are not under
agreement are:
Billy Cambarngo (spelt Combarnge)
His two sons , Glen Cambarngo, Ollie Cambarngo
Billy is married with a family of 6 children to support.
He works at Surat.

16.12.1914  To I.O.P. Roma
Escapee half-caste Harry Cooke

 1. 1.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Samuel McDonald asks permission to marry half-caste Nellie Edwards

26. 2.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Phyllis Weribone, half-caste, and her illegitimate child Tommy Weribone live at Goodai Station in the Goondiwindi district

18. 3.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Application by Ivor Victor Davies to employ the half-caste girl Ruby Cambarngo

 8. 6.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Albert Wilson and Alice Jerome, half-caste, and child are escapees. Not in district.

26. 6.1915  To P.O.A. Roma
Application by Pierce Butler to employ half-caste Ollie Cambarngo

 2. 9.1915  To P.O.A. Roma
Application by Reginald John Lynch to employ Aboriginal Fred Heppi

16. 9.1915  To P.O.A. Roma
Aboriginals and half-castes in Surat sub-district
Name                     Caste  Sex  Age   Address
----                     -----  ---  ---   -------

Billy Cambarngo          H/C     M   54    Surat       Husband
Nellie Cambarngo         H/C     F   48    Surat       Wife
Harry Cambarngo          H/C     M   30    Surat       ?Henry
Ollie Cambarngo          H/C     M   16    Surat       Child

Percy Cambarngo          H/C     M    9    Surat       Child
Colin Cambarngo          H/C     M    6    Surat       Child
Ruby Cambarngo           H/C     F   20    Surat

Myrtle Cambarngo         H/C     F   11    Surat       Child
Nina Cambarngo           H/C     F    7    Surat       Child
Frances Hannah Edwards   H/C     F    4    Surat       With mother
Melda Lilly Edwards      H/C     F    2    Surat       With mother
Fred Hepi                Abor    M  ?51    Surat

May Mathews              H/C     F   26    Surat       Mother
Arthur Mathews           H/C     M    3    Surat       Child
Jennie Brien             Abor    F   29    Elgin Park

Lizzie Watson            H/C     F   18    Yarran Downs
Harry ------             Abor    M   70    Surat

20. 9.1915  To P. of A. Roma
Agreement with Fred Heppi completed.

25. 9.1915  To P. of A. Roma
Half-caste Frank Stewart, also called Frank Combardello.
His mother was married to a man named Stewart prior to living with Combardello Billy.
Stewart was half-caste Frank's father. Frank is working on Glenearn Station.

27. 9.1915  To P. of A. Roma
Application by W.G. Wood to employ half-caste Aboriginal Lizzie Watson at Yarran Downs.

19.10.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Re: Tracker Moses. He wants to leave Police in November and return to Miva Station in the Gympie District where his mother and other relatives live.

21.10.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Clara Munn (nee Edwards) now resides at Surat with her two illegitimate children
Frances Hannah Edwards and Melda Lilly Edwards

 4.11.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Birth of illegitimate child named Mabel Mathews at Surat on 5. 9.1915. Mother is an unmarried half-caste Aboriginal May Mathews. The child was born in the tent of Henry Cambarngo.
The mother states that half-caste Aboriginal Henry Cambarngo is the father and she has been living with him for three years.

14.11.1915  To P.of A. Roma
Application by John Simpson to employ Aboriginal Billy Cambarngo.
Billy Cambarngo is married with a wife and four children.

19.11.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Half-caste Aboriginal Willie Bufong was employed at Strathmere Station in 1911.

25.11.1915  To P. of A. Roma
Application by John Doyle to employ Aboriginal Mick Lynch. Mick Lynch is at Surat, recently arriving from Yeulba.

Re: Whereabouts of half-caste girl Tessa.  She was employed at Roma about 4 years ago. Left Roma with a Mr Elwell. Possibly now at Tambo.

 6.12.1915  To I.O.P. Roma
Billy Cambarngo's gin and family
Nellie     H/C, gin
Myrtle     11 yrs
Percy       9 yrs
Nina        7 yrs
Colin       6 yrs

Children above are at school.
Ollie and Ruby Cambarngo are also a son and daughter of Billy
and are at Surat.

25. 1.1916  To I.O.P. Roma
Re: Aboriginal Billy Ugly Mug
At Glenearn Station for a few days. Said he was going to Warrooro.

19. 2.1916 Re: Whereabouts of Aboriginal Dilby Marlay (?Mailay), now under agreement at Toowoomba. Inquired for by Aboriginal Mrs Clayton, residing at Donga Mail Change and mother of Dilby (?Dulby) Marlay (?Mailay).

 1. 6.1916  To P. of A. Roma
Application by Ivor Victor Davies to employ half-caste girl Ruby Cambarngo

 6. 6.1916  To P. of A. Roma
Half-caste girl Lizzie Watson staying at Surat.

Monday, 29 February 2016

Wongkumara People Native Title Claim Meeting

Wongkumara People Native Title Claim Meeting

Currently the Claim Group is described as any of the biological descendants of:
(i) the full-blood Aboriginal parents of Charlotte;
(ii) Maggie and Tommy:
(iii) Polly of Coopers Creek;
(iv) Charlie Nockatunga;
(v) any other ancestor who is determined by Wongkumara People to have been
Wongkumara in accordance with traditional law and custom who identifies as
Wongkumara and is accepted as Wongkumara by the Wongkumara People in
accordance with traditional law and custom.

It is proposed to amend the description to provide that the persons who may exercise
the Native Title rights and interests, subject to and in accordance with the traditional
laws acknowledged and traditional customs observed by them, are the Wongkumara
People and that the Wongkumara People are the descendants of one or more of the
following people:
a) Charlotte (mother of Jack, Queenie and May Hines, Rosie Jones and Willy Dutton;
b) Siblings Polly (mother of Albert Ebsworth Sam and Tommy Burgamar) and Charlie Nockatunga;
c) Maggie and Tommy (parents of Nellie Flash and Angelina);
d) Kutji (mother of George Dutton);
e) Tarella and her children Elizabeth and Harry (Fred) Hartnett;
f) Norman Harding;
g) Siblings Nellie (mother of Lucy Harding) and Judy (mother of Donald David Gillis);
h) Jenny (mother of Alf Barlow); and
i) Neddie and Nancy (grandparents of Jimmy Sedeek);
j) And such other person or persons who might from time to time be recognised
by the Wongkumara People as a Wongkumara ancestor.

Appeared in the Koori Mail of February 24, 2016.

Some Notes

Sarah Martin's paper 'Corner Talk' Mentions a lot of these people. This paper was at one stage on the web but no longer is. Following are some of these references.

A Table titled 'Some Families Associated with Tibooburra in the 1901-1938 Period' giving the following information
Family         Jones / Hines / Dutton / Clayton
Mother         Charlotte
Children       Rosie Jones, Jack Hines, Queenie Hines, May Hines, Willy Dutton
Group          Wangkumara / Paakantyi (Willy Dutton)

Mother         Polly
Children       Albert Ebsworth, Sam Burgamar, Tommy Burgamar (Bugmy)
Group          Wangkumara

Family          Dutton
Father          George
Mother         Alice Bates
Children       Jim, Evelyn, Lorraine, George, Norma, Charlie
Group          Paakantyi and Malyangapa

Family          Harding
Father          Norman
Mother         Lucy 
Children       ?
Group           Wangkumara

Family           Barlow
Father           Jimmy
Mother          Jennie
Children        Alf
Group           Malyangapa and Wangkumara

Family           Hartnett
Father           Thomas
Mother          Tarella
Children        Elizabeth, Fred
Group           White and Paakantyi

Family           Hartnett
Father           Fred
Mother          Una Ebsworth
Children        Rita, Cyril, Cliff, John, Shirley, Agatha
Group           ? Wangkumara

"Two Aboriginal women are buried at Yalpungah cemetery just outside the Olive Downs boundary, both these women are the matriarchs of large families still closely connected to the Tibooburra area and who worked and lived at Olive Downs over a long period. Tarella or Trella died at Yalpungah on the 14th of May 1907.
The other woman who died at Yalpungah around the same time as Tarella was Judy Quayle (Quail), the mother of the three Quayle brothers from Momba Station near White Cliffs, John, William and James."

This paper contains a vast amount of information about people mentioned above.

Some Interesting Reading

These articles attracted my interest :-

Climate change not to blame for late Quaternary megafauna extinctions in Australia
Nature Communications Volume 7, Published

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Orange Aboriginal Heritage Report

The Orange Aboriginal Heritage Report dated February 1912 has the following Appendices
The Report is available here.

(1) Names of Trackers Employed in the Orange District Between 1883 and 1949
(2) Aboriginal People Buried in the Orange Cemetery
(3) Blanket Returns
      Wellington  29. 8.1830
      Bathurst 29. 5.1833 and 3. 7.1833
      Wellington Valley 1834
      Bathurst 6. 8.1834
      Bathurst 1836
      Carcoar 10. 7.1841