Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Nywaigi People Native Title Determination

Lightning on behalf of the Nywaigi People v State of Queensland [2018] FCA 493 here

The Nywaigi People are those people who are the descendants of one or more of the following people:
(a) Billie and Jennie, whose known child is Rosie Addo, whose known child is Nellie/Clara Cassidy/Clara Quetta, whose known child is Ernest Addo Snr;
(b) Rosie Tootoolie, whose known children are Jack Addo and Charlie Addo;
(c) Dora, whose known child is Emily King, whose children are Tommy Anderson Jnr, Frank Anderson Snr and Ellen Anderson;
(d) Tooya, whose known children are Amy Bligh, Kitchener Bligh, Reginald Bligh Snr/Roberts and Warren Bligh;
(e) Billy and Jennie, whose known child is Rosie, whose known child is Billy Cassady;
(f) Rosie Halifax, whose known children are Thomas Curley Snr and Peter Wallace;
(g) Heron and Alice, whose known child is Rosie Dennis, whose known children are Roy Heron, Jimmy Dennis, Henry Dennis Snr, Evelyn Dennis and Alexander Dennis;
(h) Mungi, whose known child is Paddy Payne;
(i) Charlie Lewis Snr/Henry and Rosie Lewis/Mingabi, whose known children are Daphne Lewis/Roach, Joan Lewis/Tiers, Freddie Lewis and Charlie Lewis Jnr;
(j) Dyilni, whose known child is Mary/Dyinbayi, whose known child is Willie Seaton Snr/‘Bunurra’;
(k) Tommy Roach and Nora, whose known children are Peter Roach and Jack Roach/Wargurdal (an old ‘Nywaigi King’);
(l) Billy Erin and Jeannie, whose known children are Long Erin/Long Heron, Charlie Roberts/Lambert, Bob Roberts/Robert Ingham, Rosie Roberts and Louisa Roberts;
(m) Jimmy Kerr and Annie, whose known child is Tippo Ingham;
(n) Brothers Maturra, Nitoo (also known as Ditchurogoo), Gilman (also known as Tommy Landerson), or Dilgorru (also known as King Bill); or
(o) Elizabeth Bellyarre/Lizzie Balyarri, whose parents are Billy and Kitty.