Saturday, 8 September 2018

Native Title Authorisation Meeting Widi People

The Native Title Claim Group is described as those Widi People (Widi language People of the Nebo Estate) who are the biological or adopted descendants of the following people:

1.  Jean White, mother of Albert Butterworth;
2.  Mr Clark (‘of Sutter Station’) & Jinny (‘of Stockton Station’) whose know children are Charlie Clark and Dick Clark
3.  Jinny (‘of Stockton Station’) whose know child (with Mr Watson) is Charlie Watson;
4.  Siblings Tommy Emmerson/Iffley and Arthur Emmerson;
5.  Roger (‘of Nebo district’), whose know child is Emily Rogers;
6.  Ned Thorney, whose know child is Sarah Mate Mate nee Throney/Sauney;
7.  Sophie (“of Nebo”), whose known children are Jack Skeen, William Skeen and Norman Skeen;
8.  Dick (‘of Nebo’), whose known child is Sam Murray;
9.  Billy (‘Nebo’) & Molly (‘of Oxford Downs Station’), whose known children are Jessie and Billy Sullivan;
10. Harry Monsell Snr (‘ of Lake Elphinstone’) whose known children are Lily Sullivan, Flora Doyle and Harry Monsell Jnr;
11. King (‘of Fort Copper’) & Meg (‘of Fort Copper’), whose known children are Johnny, Mick, Mitchell Dalton, Paddy, Emma and Annie;
12. Ida (‘from Mackay’), whose known child is Rene Hess;
13. Maggie, whose known children are Norman Brown Snr, George ‘Duke' Barker and Ina Darwin.

Appeared in the Courier Mail of September 8, 2018