Saturday, 26 December 2015

Adnyamathanha Native Title Claim South Australia

Federal Court of Australia - Coulthard v State of South Australia [2015] FCA 1380 is available here

The Adnyamathanha Apical Ancestors (whether biologically or by adoption) are :
Mt Serle Bob
Polly, wife of Mt Serle Bob
Quartpot Tommy
Mt Serle Bob’s sister, wife of Quartpot Tommy
Willy Austin Snr
Nicholas Demell
Emily McKenzie, wife of Nicholas Demell
Sydney Ryan
Mary, wife of Sydney Ryan
The siblings of Angepena Billy or Mary
Fanny, wife of Angepena Billy
the siblings of Sara Johnson, Matilda Johnson, Fred Johnson, Natalie Johnson, Jessie Johnson
or Sydney Jackson

Adnyamathanha Genealogy
Christine Davis and Pearl McKenzie
Aboriginal Heritage Branch, South Australian Department of Environment and Planning 1985

This book contains numerous genealogies and photos of descendants of the above.
Dates of birth extend to the 1980's.