Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Butchulla People Native Title Authorisation Meeting

The Butchulla People are described as the biological descendants of the following people:

Father/Mother of Gracie and Maudie Daramboi
Mother of Jessie Aldridge’s mother and Lappy
Mother of Charles Richards
Garry Owens
Annie Morris/Anna Gala nee Morris
Granny Polcus/Jenny Brown
Willy Brown/Mamboo/Namboo
George Gundy
Willy Wondunna
Jack Morris
Mary Ann (mother of Susan Rooney)
Roger Bennett
Percy Coulson
Mother of John and Rosie Broome
Mother of Clara, Henry, Percy and Lucy Wheeler.

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated September 25, 2019

Some notes of interest

Freddy Beckett , 22, yrs, born Kilkivan, parents George Beckett and Minnie Morse and Ada Pickles, 22 yrs, born Maryborough , parents Namboo and Polcus, were married at Barambah in 1912

Queensland Naturalist 19(1-3) 1968                                          
Colliver F.S. & Hawken, M. Notes on the Fraser Island Aborigines.       
Fraser Is people removed to Yarrabah 1904. Some descendants live     
at Urangan 1968. Well-known identity Billy Wundunna died of extreme old        
age 1947, was sent to Victoria to help track the Kelly gang.

A Jack Morris had a daughter Nora Morris who was married at Pialba in 1923

Roger Bennett, born about 1887 at Maryborough and parents Tharculbry and Rosie
A Roger Bennett lived at Pialba in 1938

1900, Jun 18 Fraser Island -  Canon Eva, Mr Aldridge and Mr Noakes appointed a sub-committee to advise on the desirability of changing the site of the Mission (Aldridge probably husband of Lappy from Fraser Island)  
Mura Catalogue - Fraser Is. Aboriginal, married Harry Aldridge, son of one of the first non-Aboriginal resident of Maryborough; lived Maryborough c 1987
Willie Owens H/C, born c1917 Urangan, parents Gary and Jinny Owens

Lottie Gala, born c1902, parents Jack Gala and Annie Morris married Joseph Solomon in 1923 at Barambah.

Louisa Coulson, born c1914 Cairns, parents Percy Coulson and Nellie Roberts

Amethyst Aidy Coulson, born 18. 6.1911 Yarrabah, baptised 9. 7.1911, parents Percy Coulson H/C from Fraser Island and Midge Coulson H/C from Fraser Island


Thursday, 12 September 2019

Gaangalu Nation People Authorisation Meeting

Gaangalu Nation People Authorisation Meeting

The Gaangalu Nation People native title claim group comprises all persons who are biologically descended from the following deceased ancestors, all of whom are recognised by the living Gaangalu claim group members as having been Gaangalu:

Maggie of Dingo,
Biddy of Wooroona,
Sandy of Wooroona,
Henry Williams of Duaringa,
Jack (of Coomooboolaroo),
Billy Mickelo,
Claude and Anne Anderson,
Rose Ann Tyson,
Biddy (wife of Jumbo),
Lizzy Tiger (Blackwater),
Blanche of Duaringa,
Annie French,
Polly Doctor,
Annie of Orion Downs,
Annie and Ned Duggan,
Peter Tyson,
Lily of the McKenzie River Bend,
John "Jack" Bradley,
Violet Thompson,
Jenny Doctor (not the daughter of Polly Doctor),
Polly McEvoy/Brown,
Queenie (Hart) of Duaringa,
(Brothers) Charlie, Willie and George Riley,
Lily/Lilla Livingstone,
William Toby,
Nellie of Planet Downs,
Myra Freeman, and
Sarah Dodd.

The Purpose of Authorisation Meeting #1 is to:

1 decide whether the description of the GNP Claim Group should be
amended to remove any or all of the following persons as apical
• Annie and Ned Duggan
• John “Jack” Bradley
• Polly McEvoy/Brown

2 decide whether the description of the GNP Claim Group should be
amended to include Mary Ann Crook as an apical ancestor.

Appeared in the Koori Mail of Septembetr 11, 2019

Some notes of interest

Home Office,  In Letters 1909, 9/5597
HOM /J47 Queensland State Archives
9.11.1908 Lists unemployed aboriginals and half-castes at Blackwater, Emerald Police District.

Jackey, 45 yrs
Polly, His gin, 38 yrs
Robert, His son, 4 yrs
All are full blooded aboriginals

Blanche, H/C, 24 yrs
Aggie, Her child, H/C, 4 yrs
Baby, Her child, H/C, 1 yr

Lena, Aboriginal, 35 yrs
Boy, Her child, H/C, 8 yrs
Eileen, Her child, H/C, 5 yrs
Mona, Her child, H/C, 2 yrs

Annie, Aboriginal, 41 yrs
Aggie, Her Child, H/C, 17 yrs
Lena, Her child, H/C, 14 yrs

Polly, Aboriginal, 45 yrs
Trixie, Her child, aboriginal, 22 yrs
Freda, Her child, H/C, 9 yrs
Alice, Her child, aboriginal, 20 yrs
Arthur, Her child, aboriginal, 11 yrs

Molly, Aboriginal, 20 yrs

Monica, Aboriginal, 19 yrs
Mickey, Her child, H/C, 2 yrs

Hand-written note - Monica's marriage to a white man named Oram has been approved.
See also Q.P.P. 1908 (3/33) - Walter Oram.

Sandy, Aboriginal, 50 yrs
Aggie, H/C, 18 yrs
Toby, Aboriginal, 65 yrs
Mick, Aboriginal, 44 yrs

4.12.1908 Letter about removal of the following Aboriginals from Blackwater to Barambah.
Jackey, Polly and Robert
Blanche and Aggie
Lena and her three children
Annie and Aggie
Polly and her four children

Paddy Mickelo, born c1904 Pearl Creek Stn, Duaringa, father Mick Mickelo
Walloo (female) died 7. 8.1936 at Rockhampton Hospital, aged 41 years. Parents are deceased, Brother is Paddy Mickelo

Leo Freeman, parents Mick and Myra Freeman, born c1894, died Woorabinda 4. 5.1960

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Wadja People Native Title Authorisation Meeting

Wadja People Native Title Authorisation Meeting - Authorisation Meeting #1:

This notice invites all members of the Wajda native title claim group, who are all the Wadja persons descended from the following ancestors to attend Authorisation Meeting #1:

Myra Freeman,
Harriet Dutton,
Sarah Dodd, and
Lilla Livingston.

The purpose of the Authorisation Meeting #1 is to

1. To consider and make decisions on the anthropological material and legal advice to:
a. To remove Lilla Livingston, as an apical ancestor for the Native Title Claim;
b. To include ‘the unnamed Wadjainggo woman on Tindale’s Woorabinda Sheet 9 whose granddaughter was Eva Tyson’, as an apical ancestor for the Native Title Claim; and
c. To change the apical ancestor description for ‘Harriet Dutton’ to ‘Biddy Dutton, mother of Harriet Dutton’ on the Native Title Claim.

Those people who are descended from ‘the unnamed Wadjainggo woman on Tindale’s Woorabinda Sheet 9 whose granddaughter was Eva Tyson’, who are not already included in the Wadja claim group description may attend Authorisation Meeting #1 and will be given an opportunity to be heard but cannot participate in the voting.

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated August 28, 2019

Some Notes

Leo Freeman, son of Mick and Myra Freeman, died at Woorabinda on 4. 5.1960, born 1894 (Qld Reg 1960/C/2480).   

Myra Freeman appears on Tindale Sheet Woorabinda 41.     

In 1904 an Exemption Certificate was issued to Sarah Dodd, half-caste, late of Redcliffe Station, via Banana
Sarah Dodd, half-caste, and her children, on the Minister's orders, were returned to Redcliffe Station. Her children, Daisy Dodd and Tommy Dodd, under the Home Secretary's orders, were released from restraint as Reformatory children.

John, Johnny or Johnnie Tyson (born sometime between 1848 and 1868), his mother Mary and his wife, also named Mary (probably going under surname Tyson). John's children and step children: Eva Tyson, Alfred Tyson and Harry Tyson.

Eva Simpson, parents Johnny and Mary Tyson died at Rockhampton on 18. 6.1960 aged 64 years (Qld Reg 1960/C/2449)          

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Foster on behalf of the Gunggari People #4 v State of Queensland

Foster on behalf of the Gunggari People #4 v State of Queensland [2019] FCA 1402 here

The Native Title Holders are the Gunggari People. The Gunggari People are the biological descendants of one or more of the following people:
(a)    Jinnegah aka Mary and Albert Murray;
(b)    Lizzie Woodford/Gyemore/South;
(c)    Harry Collins and Dinah Smith;
(d)    Old Frog;
(e)    Effie Armstrong, the granddaughter of Coombra Jack;
(f)    Kitty of St George aka Mary Bolon, the mother of George Hazzard Jnr aka Henry James Hazzard;
(g)    Maggie of the Moonie, the mother of Sarah Brennan and Isabella Kerr;
(h)    King Billy Dick;
(i)    Maria of Tongy Station;
(j)    Harry Rookwood;
(k)    Lucy of the Balonne River;
(l)    Charlotte Moffatt;
(m)    Parents of Mary of the Maranoa and Lizzie;
(n)    Nellie Walker;
(o)    Clifton George;
(p)    Mary of Bollon; or
(q)    Kate Meathers/Meadows.

Some Notes

Sarah Brennan married Henry James (known as George) Hazzard on 11/01/1922 (Qld Reg 1922/C/210). George's father or brother is Albert Hazzard. George is 44 years and Sarah is 36 years and born at St George.

Albert Hazzard died 19/07/1923 (Qld Reg 1923/C/2605) parents George Hazzard and Kitty Phlick.
His wife is Isabella Hazzard (parents are Tom Kerr and Maggie) and they were married in Roma on 25. 4.1898 (Qld Reg 1898/C/1435). They had 6 children, one son is George Alfred Hazzard.

Norman Tindale Sheet Woorabinda 18 lists the following people
HAZARD, Brenda 
HAZARD, George 
HAZARD, Sarah 
MUNNS, Cinderella
SAUNDERS, Charlotte
SAUNDERS, Cinderella
THOMPSON, Cinderella

Woorabinda Sheet 38 dated 19.11.1938
Blucher (wild man before Mitchell town was formed) F/B Koamii tribe
and Mary of Bollon (wild woman before whites came to Mitchell) F/B
of the Koamii tribe had a child Minnie South.

Coombra Jack born c1879 Coombra Stn or Goodgoga N.S.W., parents Coombra Jack and Mary, wife Fanny Roberts, children Stella, Leslie, Reggie, Effie, Oscar, Sadie, Mary

Natives removed from Mitchell to Barambah in 1930 as follows - Jack Coombra and wife Mary and children Leslie (22), Reggie (20), Austin (18), Effie (16), Sadie (12), Mary (10)

Stella Daisy born c1900 at Bollon, parents Jack Coombra and Fanny, husband George Daisy
Fanny Coombra died 15. 4.1939 at  Woorabinda aged 50 years
Coombra Jack died 20. 7.1944 at Woorabinda, widower

The Evangel notes
Death Notice, Coombra, Fanny - 1939, Australian Evangel 9(7) 1939 : 7
Death Notice, Coombra, Jack - 20.7.1944, Australian Evangel 14(9) 1944 : 7
Death Notice, Coombra, Oscar - 5.8.1939, Australian Evangel 9(10) 1939 : 8
Died at Baralaba Hospital, Coombra, Reg - 3.6.1939, Australian Evangel 9(8) 1939 : 8

Walter South married Lizzie Gyemore, widow,on 15. 3.1950 at Cherbourg. Lizzie Gyemore was born c1899 at Alpha, mother Annie Flourbag (deceased).
Removal from Mitchell to Cherbourg in 1936
Lizzie Gyemore
Dorothy Gyemore, daughter
Eric Gyemore, son
Herbert Gyemore, son
Percy Gyemore, son
Ronald Gyemore, son
All removed for own care and protection.

Exemptions 1950
Walter South yrs, Lizzie South 51 yrs, Percy Gyemore, 21 yrs, Bertie Gyemore 22 yrs, Ronnie Gyemore 17 yrs

Lizzie Woodford married Arthur Athorne on 6. 6.1921 (Qld Reg 1921/C/1048)

Alfred McCarthy was born in 1900 at Mitchell, parents Alfred McCarthy and Katie Meadows

1939 Application for Exemption for Harry Collins, aged 35 yrs, born Tilbooroo Stn Eulo, father F. Collins, mother Dundoo Rosie

Harry Collins and Ethel Maud Murphy were married on 22.10.1939 (Qld Reg 1939/C/4234).

William Rookwood born c1890 Roma, parents Harry and Julia Rookwood, married Pearlie Darby on 7. 5.1933 (Qld Reg 1933/C/1728)

Roly Armstrong aged 61 yrs of Blackwater granted an exemption in  1960
Effie Armstrong 46 yrs, Roderick James Armstrong 18 yrs, Donella Fay Armstrong 4 yrs and Mary Armstrong 17 yrs, all of Bluff granted an exemption in 1960