Saturday, 30 November 2013

Ewamian People Native Title Claim

This list of apical ancestors appears in the Federal Court of Australia case Fisher on behalf of the Ewamian People #2 v State of Queensland [2013] FCA 1249 which is available here.

The Native Title Holders are the Ewamian People.  The Ewamian People are the:

1. biological descendants of the following people:
(a) Norman Clarke;
(b) Harry Plate;
(c) Emily Collins;
(d) Arthur Georgetown;
(e) Pearl Georgetown;
(f) Ethel Georgetown;
(g) Thomas Lacey;
(h) Dora Hudson;
(i) Frank Hudson;
(j) Minnie Willie;
(k) Mick Morris; or
(l) Ben Sloppa aka Ben Mudd; or

2. the adopted persons of Ethel Georgetown, Jim Harvey, Minnie Willie, John Edward Morris
and Alfred Morris being persons who have been recruited by adoption as a member of the
Ewamian People in accordance with their traditional law and custom.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

CIFHS Statistics

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Darumbal People Native Title

 This list of apical ancestors appears in the Federal Court of Australia case Hatfield on behalf of the Darumbal People v State of Queensland (No 2) [2013] FCA 1151 which is available here.

The claim group is comprised of all people who are descendants of deceased persons who are recognised by the Darumbal People as having been Darumbal People from whom the living Darumbal People have descended, including the following deceased persons:

    Brothers John McPherson and Harry Bauman
    Kate Reid and James Hector
    Clara McKenzie
    Jack Naylor (Jnr)
    Maria McKenzie
    Clara Wallace
    Mary Jones
    Maggie (Mitchell)
    Kitty Mulway and Pompey of Stannage.