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Native Title Bar Barrum People

Congoo on behalf of the Bar Barrum People #2 v State of Queensland [2016] FCA 693 here
Congoo on behalf of the Bar Barrum People #3 v State of Queensland [2016] FCA 694 here
Congoo on behalf of the Bar Barrum People #4 v State of Queensland [2016] FCA 695 here

The Bar Barrum People are the biological descendants of one or more of the following people:
(a)    Rosie aka Lucy (mother of William Congoo);
(b)    Nellie (mother of Albert Bennett);
(c)    Millie (mother of Alick/Aleck Collins aka Chalk aka Stevens) or of her siblings Fred and Jack Solomon;
(d)    Maggie Watsonville (mother of May Thynne);
(e)    Nora Miller nee Clark or of her brother Billy;
(f)    Arkaragan and Kurimbu (parents of Jack Robinson);
(g)    Jack Brumby (father of Peter Fagan and Monday);
(h)    Archie Perrott aka Campbell (father of Margaret Perrott);
(i)    Lizzie Simmonds (mother of Mamie Simmonds);
(j)    John Burt Grainer (father of John Grainer and Paddy Hastie);
(k)    Nellie Williams or of her sister Ethel Perrott;
(l)    Bessie Tiger (mother of Peter Freeman); or
(m) people who are or were adopted into one of the above descent groups in accordance with the traditional laws and customs of the Bar Barrum People.

Some notes

Rosie Congoo died 31.12.1951 Townsville aged 68 years
Parents were Tommy and Maggie
Children Mary, Bessie, Katie, Willie and Jack Congoo

Johnny Watsonville, also known as Johnny Muckani J-165,
aged about 65 years, died 12.11.1938 at Watsonville via Herberton.
Buried at a suitable place at Watsonville about 100 yards from
the camp, and where other Aborigines had been buried. Johnny had
been living with his gin Maggie Muckani in and around Watsonville
for a number of years. Grave diggers were Billy Con Goo and Henry Maudlove.

Lizzie Simmonds L-77 F/B, born 1889 Mareeba, husband Willie Simmonds

6. 5.1936  To Chief Protector of Aborigines Brisbane from Mt Garnet
Billy Simmonds of Gunnawarra Stn is 50-60 years old and King of the Mt Garnet District.
Lizzie Simmonds is the wife of Billy Simmonds and about 50 years old.
Daughters of the above two are Maimie and Cloie Simmonds aged 13 and 10 years respectively.
Cloie Reid of Woodleigh Stn is 50-60 years old.

Willie Simmonds, 72 yrs, of Mt Garnet, exempt 1952
Lizzie Simmonds, 66 yrs, of Mt Garnet, exempt 1952

John Bert Grainer (Johnnie), adult, baptised 3. 4.1926 at Yarrabah
Father is Grainer, Wife is Mary Lyla

Mavis Aline, daughter of John Bert and Mary Lyla Grainer
Baptised 11. 4.1926 at Yarrabah

Johnny Grainer, husband, 51 yrs
Daisy Grainer, wife
Edward Grainer, 1 year, son
John Grainer, 8 yrs, son
Margaret May Grainer, 2 yrs, daughter
From Mareeba, exempt 1946

16. 8.1941  About Peter Freeman, H/C from Police Herberton.
Employed at Gingerella Stn, Almaden. Exempt. Father possibly
Sambo Mungana. Unable to determine. Mother was Bessie Tiger who
once worked at Gunnawarra Stn. Bessie died a number of years ago.
Ada Freeman, his wife, is at Herberton.