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Boonthamurra Native Title Claim

The Boonthamurra Native Title Claim is roughly an area centred around Windorah and Eromanga.

The Boonthamurra People are the biological descendants of the apical ancestors:

Pumpkin 'Burrakin'
Jimmy Jones
Melon Head
George Docherty Ray
Kitty Ray (mother of Mark Wallace)
Topsy (spouse of Barney)
Jack O'Lantern (Adopted)
Ronald Ray 'Pontius Pilot'
Basil Tully
Tiger Ray
Tippo Ray
Alen Witchery Ray
Mickey Ray
Dick Ray
Rosie Braddle
George Jacobs
Beemore Barney
Rosie Jacobs
Alec Jacobs
Johnson Murray Jacobs
Dick Barney
Dick Reed
Frank Yalkili Miller

Appeared in the Courier Mail dated March 21, 2015
Some notes

Jack O'Lantern J-261 was born around 1909 and had a wife named May.

A large number of these people are mentioned in the following records at the Queensland State Archives

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Eromanga
Miscellaneous Correspondence relating to Aborigines
1939 - 1953 CPS 6C/14

Clerk of Petty Sessions, Eromanga
Letters written by the Aboriginal Protector
1920 - 1937 CPS 6C/G15

Dick of Ray Station married Rosie Braddle of Terarchie Station at Eromanga in 1920.
Rosie was born around 1896 at Ray Station and parents were Braddle and Sally.
Dick was born around 1878 Mt Margaret Stn, Eromanga and parents were Jacob and Rosie

Budjiti Native Title Claim

The claim area is roughly the area bounded by Yowah, Thargomindah, Hungerford, Eulo and Cunnamulla.

The Budjiti people are described as the biological descendants of the following apical ancestors

Jessie Brooks
Gypsy Brooks
Lizzie Brooks

Appeared in the Courier Mail dated March 21, 2015

It is interesting that there are only three apical ancestors listed for this large area.

Some details of these ancestors can be seen in the book Matya Mundu - A History of the Aboriginal People of South-East Queensland by H. McKellar and published in 1984.