Friday, 18 November 2016

ILU Meeting Kalkadoon and Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People

ILU Meeting Kalkadoon and Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People

The Kalkadoon People are the Biological descendants of the following people:

1.  Lardie Roberts (aka Lardie Moonlight)
2.  Dolly Prosser
3.  Kitty Frogg
4.  Annie Whip (mother of Martin Connelly (Snr))
5.  Ida (aka Ada) Elston
6.  Leichardt Toby
7.  Rosie Waddibungera (mother of George Thorpe)
8.  Willy Malcolm
9.  Nancy Daniels
10. Fanny (Nellie) McLennan
11. Nellie and Jimmy (parents of Topsy, Harry, Annie Sam and Jack Kippen)
12. Maggie Sautelle
13. Daisy Barton (nee McLean)
14. Mundi MacDonald (aka King Mundie)
15. Charlie Caldwell (Snr)
16. Carbine
17. Jimmy Rolleston and Louisa Muni (parents of Bessie Mowbray)
18. Gypsy Reid (aka Gypsy Ryan)
19. Nellie Monkira
20. Polly Wilson (nee Hopkins) Marajundu
21. Jack Elston
22. Jessie Frogg (Snr)
23. Polly Alroy (aka Polly George)
24. Nobie Clay
25. Spider
26. Maryann (mother of Annie Reid and Eva Patterson)
27. Sophie MacDonald
28. Julie (mother of Eulie and Lizzie Hickson) and
29. Bessie Ah Fat

The Bularnu, Waluwarra and Wangkayujuru People are the descendants of the following people, including those who have been adopted by those people or their descendants in accordance with traditional law and custom:

(1) Charlie Toby and Jinnie
(2) Jack Wilde
(3) Nellie Lynch
(4) George (Snr) Catchinda
(6) Derby Daylight or
(6) Pipalkarinya

Appeared in the Courier Mail of November 19, 2016

Thursday, 17 November 2016

Some South Australian Aboriginal Genealogies

The following publications contain numerous detailed Aboriginal genealogies some up to the 1980s
Oodnadatta Genealogies by Jen Gibson 1988
Rigney Family Point McLeay by Doreen Kartinyeri 1983
The Wanganeen Family Genealogy by Doreen Kartinyeri 1985
The Kartinyeri Family Genealogy by Doreen Kartinyeri 1989
Adnyamathanha Genealogy by Christine Davis & Pearl McKenzie 1985
Molly Lennon's Story as told to Jen Gibson 1989
Poonindie by Peggy Brock and Doreen Kartinyeri 1989
Ngarrindjeri Nation by Doreen Kartinyeri 2006
A World That Was by Ronald and Catherine Berndt and John Stanton 1993

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Larissa Behrendt Family History Article in The Quadrant magazine

The current issue of Quadrant (November 2016, pages 17 - 23) has an interesting article by Michael Connor titled "The Family Stories of the Behrendts".

It is now available online here .

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Proposed Native Title Group Meeting Dirranbandi

Proposed Native Title Group Meeting Dirranbandi

The claim area is roughly bounded by St George, Dirranbandi, Hebel and Noondale.

The apical ancestors are described as the following

Billy Bloomfield
Ned Combo and Jane Sands
Sarah Forester
Clara (Foster)
Kitty Hibbett
Peter Hippi aka Hippi Peters
Ellen Leonard
Clara Mason
Susannah McCauley
Eliza McCrae
Albert Murray father of Dolly McPherson
Biddigae (Billy) Murray (Hall)
Jack Murray and Mary Ann Combo parents of Sookie Murray
Mary Murray (Dancey)
Mary Murray (Orchard)
Thomas Murray and Kitty Bootha parents of Katie Murray (Butler) and Jenny Murray (Rose)
Biddy Martha mother of Harry Rose
John Jack Simpson
Ada Russell / Murdoch / Murray / Bloomfield
Fanny White
Jimmy Inch and Kitty

Appeared in the Koori Mail of November 2, 2016

Some Notes

John Bishop, aged 46 yrs, born UK, married Susannah McCauley, aged 28 yrs, born Woolerina Stn Queensland, parents John McCauley (white) and Biddy at New Angledool NSW in 1907 (NSW Ref 5153/1907)

Dolly Murray and Herbert McPherson applied to marry in 1929 at Dirrinbandi

Fanny White, a half-caste woman, married to a white man in Brisbane 1906

Thomas Hall, born Noondoo Stn, aged 23 years, parents Jack Hall and Mary Murray, married Lily Howell at New Angledool in 1930 (NSW Redf 6390/1931)