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Iman People Native Title Claim

Iman People Native Title Claim

The claim group are described as the descendants of the following

Mary Arwa
Jim Waterton
Ada Robinson
Maggie Palmtree
Lizzie Palmtree
Mary Ann (mother of Maggie Dunn);
Eliza Shields
Fanny Waddy / Sandy
Dick Bundi / Bundai and Alice Dutton
Unnamed mother of John Serico

At the meeting a recommendation will be made to amend the current claim group description by replacing:
'John/James Serico' with 'the unnamed mother of John Serico' and
'Dick Bundi/Bundai' with 'Dick Bundi/Bundai and Alice Dutton'.

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated September 11, 2013

Odds and Ends

Living under the Act ' : Taroom Aboriginal Reserve 1911-1927
by Scott L'Oste-Brown and Luke Godwin 1995

Cecil Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve 22 November, 1914.
James Waterton died at Taroom Reserve 1 November, 1917.
Alice Bundi died at Taroom Reserve 9 December 1918.   
Dito Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve on 3 June, 1919.
Maggie Palmtree,died at Taroom Reserve on 9 June, 1919.
Fanny Waddy died at Taroom Reserve on 30 May, 1919.
Billy Palmtree died at Taroom Reserve on 25 September, 1922.
Old Bundi died at Taroom Reserve on 6  October, 1923.

Kullilli Native Title Claim

Kullilli Native Title Claim

The claim area is roughly bounded by the NSW / Queensland border, Thargomindah, Toompine, Eromanga and Nocundra.

The claim group are described as the biological descendants of the following

Joe Barney
Neba Brighton
Daisy (spouse Harry Pilot)
'Gnadollie' Hekel
Ida (spouses Peter Williams, Buckley)
'Mary Ann' Jinnie (spouse William Conlan)
Mary (spouses Chinese, Dick Richards and Alexander Brierty)
'Ippi' Mary (Bob Gray)
Mary Ann (Billy Phillips)
'Miria' Maryann (Aiick, Charlie Turner, Jack Williams)
'Munga' Maryann
Jeannie 'Jinnie' Mossman and Charlie Fitzroy
Dick 'Gunta'  Richards
'Kullilli' Rosie and her husband
'Curra' Jack Thompson
'Bunda' Tiger
Tilby and 'Djogo' Hugo
Tinda and Lollipop
Toby and Topsy
Jack 'Norley' Wallace
Monitor Wallace
Harry Willis
Harry Willy-Boy
Monday Willoughby
Harry Barney
Annie / Nellie Ardoch / Bulloo
Jack Bulloo
Charlie Copra

Appeared in the Koori Mail dated September 11, 2013.

Some odds and ends.

Neba Brighton was removed from Maryborough to Taroom in 1914 and died there on 7. 5.1917.
Copra Charlie was removed from Thargomindah to Taroom in 1918 and died there on 30.11.1918.
Lollipop and Tinda are mentioned in the book Matya Mundu by H. McKellar published 1984.

Durundur Correspondence 1903

Hekel , Native Name Gnadollie , male aged 43y, Native of Thargomindah
Mary Ann , Native Name Munga , female aged 41y, Native of Norley 
C Turner , Native Name Mingallie , male aged 20y, Native of Thargomindah
Tommy Conlon , Native Name Tulgarlie , male aged 31y, Native of Thargomindah
Charlie Copera , Native Name Canthillie , male aged 40y, Native of Nocundra
Lively , Native Name Moongullie , male aged 26y, Native of Thargomindah
Tiger , Native Name Bunba , male aged 53y, Native of Thargomindah
Jack , Native Name not given, male aged 15y, Native of Thargomindah, Class Goorkilla     
Fanny , Native Name Moomo , female aged 47y, Native of Thargomindah
Coojee , Native Name Coojee , female aged 50y, Native of Thargomindah
Emily , Native Name not given, female aged 17y, Native of Thargomindah
Bomba , Native Name not given, female aged 30y, Native of Thargomindah
Sussie , Native Name not given, female aged 18y, Native of Thargomindah
Elsie , Native Name not given, female aged 11y, Native of Thargomindah
Sarah , Native Name not given, female aged  9y, Native of Thargomindah
Ivy , Native Name not given, female aged  5y, Native of Thargomindah
Nellie , Native Name Walleera , female aged 40y, Native of Thargomindah
Mary Ann , Native Name Munga , female aged 41y, Native of Norley

Durundur Correspondence 1904

Single men capable of earning their own living
Lively , aged 26y Native of Thargomindah       
Jerry , aged 40y Native of Nocundra           
Hubert , aged 39y Native of Thargomindah       

Married men willing to leave wives to get work

Chas Copera , aged 37y Native of Nocundra           
Tommy Conlon , aged 31y Native of Thargomindah       

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Bigambul Native Title Claim Queensland

Bigambul Native Title Claim Queensland

Covers roughly  a triangular area bounded by St George, Cecil Plains, Inglewood, Texas, and Goondiwindi.

This claim group is currently described as the descendants of the following persons:-

Queen Susan aka Granny Susan and Susan of Welltown
Sally, mother of Mary Ann Beng, aka Sally Narrang / Nerrang
Nellie Yumbeina
Jack Noble
Nellie of Goondiwindi
Sally Murray

The purpose of the meeting is to decide if the descendants of Sally mother of Mary Ann Beng (also known as Sally Narrang / Nerrang) should be removed and whether the descendants of all or any of the following deceased persons should be added to the description of the Bigambul Native Title Group :-

John Geoffrey Connors
Jimmy Query
Richard Nugget Brown
King Tommi Tommi
Lucy Long mother of Harry Lange
Sam McGowan

This appeared in the Koori Mail of October 9, 2013.

Odds and Ends

Blanket Distribution at Goondiwindi, 1867
(Colonial Secretary, COL /A92, 1867 / 1703)

Wallaby and gin
Policeman Jimmy
New Maria
Doody and three children
Billy Bow
Jimmy and Billy
Billy and Jimmy
Charley, in town
Sandy, Pickaninny
Jemmy Hippi
Sally No. 2
Old Mammy, Goodar
Billy Goat, Goodar
Polly Wombat
Para, Goodar
Davy, Goodar
Eliza, Goodar
Callandoan Jimmy
Tommy, Welltown
Wallaby, Baranga
Old Billy, Winton
Hippi Jack and gin
Master Sam, Goondiwindi Station
Dick, Goondiwindi Station
Goodar Tommy
Welltown Tommy
Jack Welltown
Ogle Eyed Tommy
Sally, gin of Jack
Mary, of Goodar Tommy
Kitty, of Ogle Eyed Tommy
Jerry King
Tommy Bobby, Goodar
Barney, Goodar
Old Combo, Goodar
Mister Billy, his gin and his girl
Mary Ann
Blanket Distribution at Goondiwindi, 1868
(Colonial Secretary, COL /A110, 1868 / 2570)

Moka, from Umbercollie
Sullivan, from Welltown
Jack, from Welltown
Jimmy, from Callandoan
Sally, from Callandoan
Jessie, from Callandoan
Lucy, from Callandoan
Granny, from Billa Billa
Darby, from Billa Billa
Maria, from Goondiwindi
Katie, from Callandoan
Davey, from Billa Billa
Barney, from Billa Billa
Jimmy, from Billa Billa
Sandy, from Umbercollie
Maria No. 2, from Goondiwindi
Nelly, from Goondiwindi
Mary Ann, from Goondiwindi
Old Billy Bo, from Goondiwindi
Jack, from Goondiwindi
Molly, from Goondiwindi
Sam Marshall, from Goondiwindi
Dick, from Goondiwindi
Tommy, from Goondiwindi
Billy Barlow, from Winton
Bungledoon? Jacky, from Callandoan
Billy, from Winton
Jacky, from Winton
Jimmy, from Callandoan
Croppy, from Welltown
Jimmy Bundoon, from Bengalla
Jimmy Bundoon, from Bengalla
List of Aborigines who were issued with blankets at Inglewood dated May 17, 1881
(Queensland State Archives Item ID 847044 81/2206)


Sam Murray
Paddy Go Mad
Greenhide Charley
Parramatta Jack
Billy [Fitys?]


Mrs Connor
Neddy's wife



Alyawarra Ethnographic Archive

Over the past few months I have twice contacted the Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies via the Online Enquiry option on their Contact Us page to see when the Alyawarra Ethnographic Archive site would be available again as it has for a long time been described as unavailable for technical reasons. Sadly to date I have had no reply. Surely the technical issues could have been solved by now. Having used the site on numerous occasions it appeared to be pretty much a standard web / database application.