Monday, 11 February 2013

Alyawarra Ethnographic Archive

The Alyawarra Ethnographic Archive - by Woodrow W. Denham was available on the AIATSIS website but although still listed on the Online Collections page is marked as having been taken down for the following reason

"For technical reasons, the Alyawarra Ethnographic Archive has been taken down"

This site was described by Woodrow Denham as follows "This document contains all of my work with the Alyawarra speaking Aborigines of Central Australia conducted since the early 1970s, plus additional work that derived directly or indirectly from the Alyawarra project".

This was the only place on the internet that made available the full material used in an Anthropological study in Australia. It included Pre-Fieldwork material, Journal, Chalmers' Letters, Numeric Files, Genealogical Diagrams, Music Play Lists, Regional Maps, Camp Maps, Residence Plans, Dreaming Maps, Air Photos, Portraits, Prints, Slides, Sketches and Post-Fieldwork material.
Hopefully the technical reasons will be overcome and this brilliant site made available again.