Sunday, 21 May 2017

Western Kangoulu Native Title Group

Western Kangoulu Native Title Group

Area roughly bounded by Comet, Tieri, Clermont, Bogantungan and Springsure Queensland.

Descendants of

Polly aka Polly Brown aka Polly McAvoy
John "Jack" Bradley
Hanny of Emerald
Nannie, mother of Nelly Roberts
Annie / Nanny Duggan and Ned Duggan

Appeared in the Courier Mail of May 20, 2017

Some items of interest

Charley McAvoy 50 yrs, his wife Polly McAvoy 45 yrs, and daughter Maudie 9 yrs arrived at Barambah in 1917 from Clermont. Polly died on 23. 4.1920 from Influenza

Jack Bradley was buried at Cherbourg on 4. 5.1950 aged 72 years

Jack Bradley, Lizzie his wife, daughter Bessie and son Lord arrived at Barambah in 1915. Lizzie died on 14. 4.1918 from pneumonia.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

NNTT Quandamooka Coast Claim

National Native Title Tribunal File QC2017/004 available here entered on the Register 12/5/2017.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment C - Map of Area available here

The apical ancestors appear in the following extract

"The native title claim group on whose behalf this application is made is the Quandamooka People who are the biological descendants of the following people-

Nellie / Lilly Kidgeree
Mary Indoole Compignie
Elizabeth Ruska
Charlie Moreton (Dandruba)
Sidney Rollands (Kingal / Winyeeaba)
Lillian Lyons (Dungoo)
King Billy Toompani
Juno (Gonzales)
Liza Jungerboi (mother of Rose Martin nee Bain)
Tommy Nuggin (Gendarieba)
Tilly (mother of Tommy Dalton, Richard Dalton and Henry Lea)

who identify as and are accepted by other Quandamooka People as Quandamooka People according to Quandamooka traditional law and custom."

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

NNTT Limbunya Pastoral Lease

National Native Title Tribunal File DC2017/001 available here entered on the Register 04/5/2017.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment A - Map of Area available here
Schedule A - Native Title Claim Group Description available here
This claim is interesting in the amount of detail provided in the Claim Group Description. Searches of the CIFHS web site will produce a large amount of information about those mentioned in the Claim Group list plus further information on other descendants.

NNTT Yuwaalaraay/Euahlayi People Claim Group

National Native Title Tribunal File QC2017/001 available here entered on the Register 5/5/2017.
A map of the claim area is available here and is roughly centred on St George, Dirranbandi and Hebel.

The Yuwaalaraay/Euahlayi People are the descendants of the following ancestors:

Billy Bloomfield
Ned Combo and Jane Sands
Sarah Forester
Clara (Foster/Murray/Ward(
Kitty Hibbett
Peter Hippi alt. Hippi Peters
Ellen Leonard
Susannah McCauley
Eliza McCrae
Albert Murray father of Dolly McPherson
Biddigae (Biddy) Murray [Hall]
Lucy "Sookie' Murray
Mary Murray (Dancey)
Mary Murray (Orchard)
Thomas Murray and Kitty Bootha parents of Katie Murray (Butler) and Jenny Murray (Rose)
Biddy Martha mother of Harry Rose
John Jack Simpson
Ada Russell/Murdoch/Murray/Bloomfield
Fanny White (Murray)
Jimmy Inch and Kitty

Some items of interest

In the marriage of a Susannah McCauley aged 28 yrs and born at Woolerina Stn, Queensland to John Bishop at New Angledool in 1907 her parents are listed as John McCauley (white) and Biddy. Biddy and Susannah are stated to have come from the Bollon district around 1897.

Australian Legendary Tales
Folk-lore of the Noongahburrahs as told to the piccaninnies
Collected by Mrs. K. Langloh Parker 1897
Dedicated to Peter Hippi King of the Noongahburrahs