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NNTT Cairns Regional Claim Group

National Native Title Tribunal File QC2016/008 available here entered on the Register 12/10/2016.

The Cairns Regional Claim Native Title Claim Group is comprised of those who descend from one or more of the apical ancestors (including through traditional adoption) that follow:

1.  Biddy Tangir Coleman
2.  George Coleman
3.  Ginny/Jinny Njujingai
4.  Worundu and Maritjima (parents of Ernest Bounghi)
5.  Billy Boyle
6.  Nellie Kuranda nee Street (mother of Topsy Thomas and others)
7.  Andrew Thomas aka Billy
8.  Jerry Bardon
9.  Maggie (mother Janie Clarke nee Brown)
10. Robert Clarke
11. Joshua Barron
12. Merukan (father of Toby Brim and others)
13. Annie Brim
14. Barney Hunter and Minnie Street
15. Tambo/Sambo Street and Kitty Street
16. Jimmy Hobbler
17. Billy Hobbler
18. Tommy Newbury
19. Jimmy Newbury and Polly Thompson
20. Waikanigai
21. Joe and Annie Davidson
22. Andrew Dabah
23. Billy Long and Nellie (parents of Nellie Hastie)
24. Jimmy and Nellie Street
25. Jinny (mother of Tambo Banning)
26. Minnie (mother of Buttercup Banning)
27. Billy and Rosie (parents of Bella Robinson who raised Charlie Levers and Peter Banning)

Some items of interest:-

Toby Brim was born circa 1867 and parents were Merikum and Marrakidja, married to Annie Brim
Allan Banning was born circa 1924 at Redlynch, parents Tambo and buttercup

Removals from Kuranda to Mona Mona in 1916 included
Tambo aged 65 yrs and Buttercup aged 35 yrs
Billy Hobler aged 65 yrs, Mary Hobler aged 40 yrs and Jimmy Hobler aged 45 yrs

Tambo Banning 88 yrs and Buttercup Banning 66 yrs of Cairns applied for Exemptions in 1958

Charlie Newbury, born 1912 at Kuranda, parents Tommy and Rose Newbury, died 1969

NNTT - Henbury Pastoral Lease Claim

National Native Title Tribunal File DC2016/004 available here entered on the Register 09/12/2016.

The attachments are as follows :-
Register extract available here
Attachment A - Map of Area available here
Schedule A - Native Title Claim Group Description available here
This claim is interesting in the amount of detail provided in the Claim Group Description. Searches of the CIFHS web site will produce a large amount of information about those mentioned in the Claim Group list plus further information on other descendants.
Other publications that are worthy of inspection about this claim are
1. Strehlow Research Foundation Newsletters 6(1), 6(2), 6(4), 7(1) 1983-1984
2. Aboriginal Women in Central Australia by K.S. Strehlow dated 2000 available here
3. Palm Valley Land Claim No 48 - Aboriginal Land Commissioner 1980
4. A Guide to Indigenous Records in the Lutheran Archives, Adelaide, S.A. 1999