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Wongkumara People Native Title Claim Meeting

Wongkumara People Native Title Claim Meeting

Currently the Claim Group is described as any of the biological descendants of:
(i) the full-blood Aboriginal parents of Charlotte;
(ii) Maggie and Tommy:
(iii) Polly of Coopers Creek;
(iv) Charlie Nockatunga;
(v) any other ancestor who is determined by Wongkumara People to have been
Wongkumara in accordance with traditional law and custom who identifies as
Wongkumara and is accepted as Wongkumara by the Wongkumara People in
accordance with traditional law and custom.

It is proposed to amend the description to provide that the persons who may exercise
the Native Title rights and interests, subject to and in accordance with the traditional
laws acknowledged and traditional customs observed by them, are the Wongkumara
People and that the Wongkumara People are the descendants of one or more of the
following people:
a) Charlotte (mother of Jack, Queenie and May Hines, Rosie Jones and Willy Dutton;
b) Siblings Polly (mother of Albert Ebsworth Sam and Tommy Burgamar) and Charlie Nockatunga;
c) Maggie and Tommy (parents of Nellie Flash and Angelina);
d) Kutji (mother of George Dutton);
e) Tarella and her children Elizabeth and Harry (Fred) Hartnett;
f) Norman Harding;
g) Siblings Nellie (mother of Lucy Harding) and Judy (mother of Donald David Gillis);
h) Jenny (mother of Alf Barlow); and
i) Neddie and Nancy (grandparents of Jimmy Sedeek);
j) And such other person or persons who might from time to time be recognised
by the Wongkumara People as a Wongkumara ancestor.

Appeared in the Koori Mail of February 24, 2016.

Some Notes

Sarah Martin's paper 'Corner Talk' Mentions a lot of these people. This paper was at one stage on the web but no longer is. Following are some of these references.

A Table titled 'Some Families Associated with Tibooburra in the 1901-1938 Period' giving the following information
Family         Jones / Hines / Dutton / Clayton
Mother         Charlotte
Children       Rosie Jones, Jack Hines, Queenie Hines, May Hines, Willy Dutton
Group          Wangkumara / Paakantyi (Willy Dutton)

Mother         Polly
Children       Albert Ebsworth, Sam Burgamar, Tommy Burgamar (Bugmy)
Group          Wangkumara

Family          Dutton
Father          George
Mother         Alice Bates
Children       Jim, Evelyn, Lorraine, George, Norma, Charlie
Group          Paakantyi and Malyangapa

Family          Harding
Father          Norman
Mother         Lucy 
Children       ?
Group           Wangkumara

Family           Barlow
Father           Jimmy
Mother          Jennie
Children        Alf
Group           Malyangapa and Wangkumara

Family           Hartnett
Father           Thomas
Mother          Tarella
Children        Elizabeth, Fred
Group           White and Paakantyi

Family           Hartnett
Father           Fred
Mother          Una Ebsworth
Children        Rita, Cyril, Cliff, John, Shirley, Agatha
Group           ? Wangkumara

"Two Aboriginal women are buried at Yalpungah cemetery just outside the Olive Downs boundary, both these women are the matriarchs of large families still closely connected to the Tibooburra area and who worked and lived at Olive Downs over a long period. Tarella or Trella died at Yalpungah on the 14th of May 1907.
The other woman who died at Yalpungah around the same time as Tarella was Judy Quayle (Quail), the mother of the three Quayle brothers from Momba Station near White Cliffs, John, William and James."

This paper contains a vast amount of information about people mentioned above.

Some Interesting Reading

These articles attracted my interest :-

Climate change not to blame for late Quaternary megafauna extinctions in Australia
Nature Communications Volume 7, Published

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Orange Aboriginal Heritage Report

The Orange Aboriginal Heritage Report dated February 1912 has the following Appendices
The Report is available here.

(1) Names of Trackers Employed in the Orange District Between 1883 and 1949
(2) Aboriginal People Buried in the Orange Cemetery
(3) Blanket Returns
      Wellington  29. 8.1830
      Bathurst 29. 5.1833 and 3. 7.1833
      Wellington Valley 1834
      Bathurst 6. 8.1834
      Bathurst 1836
      Carcoar 10. 7.1841