Sunday, 7 September 2014

Boonthamurra People and the Federal Court of Australia

The Federal Court of Australia case Wallace on behalf of the Boonthamurra People v State of Queensland [2014] FCA 901  makes fascinating reading. It is another side to Native Title Claims where the court decides who is part of a claim and who is not with anthropologists, etc involved on both sides. The Transcript appears here .

Friday, 5 September 2014

Birriah Native Title Claim

The Queensland Birriah Native Title Claim Group is currently described as the descendants of the following people:

Barney Anderson;
George Bowen;
Maggie Callaghan (also known as Mary-Ann Callaghan);
Dick Clark;
Magdalene Claussen (Kyle);
Lily Cook and Dick Cook or Cecil 'Pincher' Cook;
Paddy Daly;
Eric Dinduck;
Victor Diprose and May Albury (nee Diprose);
Reg Dodd (Snr);
Arthur Emmerson (Snr) and Nellie Emmerson;
Sambo Gallaghan;
Dick Hegarty (also known as Dick Dinduck or Dick Allan);
Tom Iffley;
Tommy King and Alice King;
Rosie Kyle and Dan Kyle;
Norah Smallwood;
Jimmy Larry;
Billy Lightning and Alice Lightning;
Lizzie Morgan (also known as Janet Twist);
Major Mitchell;
Elsie New Island;
Mary O’Sing;
Emily Prior (Picard);
Bob Roberts;
Rosie Shilling;
Sophie Skeen;
Dolly Tarpot/Langton (nee Dunrobin);
Jean Tears, Maude Tears, Donald Tears and Minnie Tears;
Janet Twist and Albert Twist;
Daisy Wake;
Charlie Watson; and
Sharper 'Woodhouse'.

It is proposed that the Birriah Native Title Claim Group be re-formulated to the following

The biological or adopted descendants of:
Jinnie Tiers;
Kuburu, the father of Billy Lightning Banbari;
Rosie Schilling;
Peggy Barker;
Sambo Callaghan;
Tommy Dodd or Tommy Morgan;
the mother of Lizzie Limburner.

Appeard in the Courier Mail of Saturday September 6, 2014.

Some odds and ends

Albert Twist, Janet Twist, Hector Twist, Olive Twist and Ruby Teare were removed from Clermont to Woorabinda in 1936

Sharper Woodhouse, Bessie Woodhouse, Nimrod, Bostock, Louie and Trooper were removed from Cloncurry to Palm Island in 1931

Sharper Woodhouse as born in 1886 Normanton and father was Johnnie. He married Bessie in 1927 at Canobie Station. Bessie died at Palm Island in 1932. Bessie was also known as Bessie Ah Fat.

Jimmy Larry aged 35 years in 1917 appears in the Bowen Police Watchhouse Charge Books. His ife was Norah.

Dick Hegarty or Dick No.2 died on 24 August 1932 at the Collinsville Hospital. His daughters are

Eliza Iffley, the wife of Tommy Iffley, and Kate who is presently under agreement at Suttor Creek Station. Dick's wife is Lizzie. Dick was born at Avon Downs Station and took his name from the then owner.

Elsie New Island died at Bowen in 1936.

Sophie Skeen and her unnamed child died at Palm Island in 1926.

Dolly Tarpot died at Clermont in 1931.

Jack Langton of Clermont born in 1905 had parents Dob Tarpot and Dolly. He married Edith Rabbit at Cherbourg in 1932.

Lizzie Limburner born 1880 Ayr, died 5. 2.1943, parents Tucker (white man) and Dinah, husband
Con Limburner. A child was Nora Smallwood, born 1898. Lizzie died in 1943 at Palm Island.

Peggy Barker died in 1920 at Palm Island.